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Emergency generator gas from Ademax

Would you like to buy an emergency generator to be prepared for power outages? Then we at Ademax will be happy to help you. We offer high-performance emergency power generators that run on gas, for example. In addition to the gas emergency power generator variant, we also offer other high-performance models that can be operated with diesel or gasoline, for example.

An emergency power generator operated with gas is listed in the gas generator category. You will find various models on our homepage that differ in terms of performance and areas of application. In the following, we present model examples and explain the advantages of a gas emergency power generator.

Emergency generator gas - models for private and industrial use

Emergency power generators are available from Ademax for both private individuals and businesses. Depending on the model, our gas generators can be used on construction sites and in many other areas. The areas in which the power generators can be used are specified in the respective product descriptions.

The Feeser gas emergency power generator with 2200 watts (P-H2-OE / LPG) can be operated with liquid gas, for example. The emergency power generator is operated using propane gas from the gas bottle or via a propane gas tank. The gas emergency generator runs computers, freezers, televisions, microwaves or refrigerators and much more without any problems.

We also offer you other models, for example an emergency generator with gas that can be used on the construction site. Devices that are suitable for the construction site are powerful and equipped with a wide range of functions. There is no electricity available on a construction site or the regular electricity has been switched off. The machines have to run and need powerful generator sets. For example, we offer you an ITC POWER construction site generator with 6600 watts. The generator can be operated with gas (LPG) as well as petrol. The device is i.a. equipped with a 32 A socket, which is operated not with 400 volts, but with 230 volts. Of course, the device has additional outputs (12 V). The 32 A socket is ideal for larger pantographs. The device can also be used as a gas emergency power generator for house security. A gas emergency power generator is suitable for private use, but is so powerful that it is also very suitable for operational purposes. Our models from Green Power are also ideally suited for construction sites and other businesses. Of course, a Green Power emergency generator with gas can also be used for private purposes.

You can find more emergency power generators that can be operated with gas in our online shop. We also have FAS models that we recommend for industrial purposes and large companies.

Ademax - your reliable address for generator sets and more

We don't just offer diesel, gasoline or gas emergency power generators. We have a wide range of products on offer. Our products include high-pressure cleaners, PTO generators, motor pumps, tools and accessories.

If you are looking for something specific, such as a specific gas emergency generator, just browse through our online shop. If what you are looking for is not in the product catalog, please do not hesitate to contact us. We're here to help.

We are based in Lienen in Germany and can be reached by phone and email. We value quality products that are offered at fair prices. Our suppliers are carefully selected and the deliveries come from Spain, Poland, France and Germany. Depending on the model, our generator sets are interesting for private, craft and industrial purposes. When you buy a product from us, such as a gas-powered emergency generator, you can be sure that you will receive replacement parts for the device for 15 years. Further information on Ademax can be found in our online shop and in the terms and conditions. Of course, you can also contact us personally and tell us your exact requirements.

Emergency generator gas - conclusion

Emergency power generators are available from us in many variants and capacities. You can choose between variants that run on gas, gasoline or diesel. A gas emergency power generator is available from us for private users and craftsmen as well as for industrial purposes. We offer generator sets for the construction site that can also secure a house. Anyone who opts for a gas emergency power generator should always take into account that the device is air-cooled and must be cooled every three hours.

Further information can be found in our online shop. We can also be reached by phone or email. At Ademax, we stand for quality products and fair prices.