Is Bern's capital of Switzerland expensive

Hotel price ranking: Bern is the most expensive capital in Europe


Many hotels are reacting to the Swiss franc shock with price cuts. In Bern, however, prices are rising. That is a sign of quality, says Bern's tourism director.

An overnight stay in a hotel in Bern costs an average of 163.15 francs. This has made the tranquil city (which is strictly speaking the federal and not the capital) the most expensive capital in Europe, says a study by While Bern was still behind the British metropolis of London last year, this year it is at the top of the European league with a price increase of 2.28 percent.

But what makes an overnight stay in the Aare loop so expensive? "Destination Bern has a good mix of event, meeting, leisure and political tourism," says Markus Lergier, Director of Bern Tourism. This mix and the constant improvement of the tourist offer are causing an upward spiral.

Prices rose due to demand

According to the German study, the rise in prices can also be attributed to numerous events. Bern's tourism director agrees: For example, the world-famous Cirque du Soleil pitched its tent in Bern for the first time. The final of the Tour de Suisse also took place in Bern and the Zentrum Paul Klee celebrated its tenth anniversary with the large-scale Klee & Kandinsky exhibition.

quality has its price

“The fact that Bern is now the most expensive capital in a European comparison is a sign of quality for me and is to my liking,” says Lergier. Compared to other Swiss cities, Bern is still much cheaper on average. Guests in Geneva, Basel and Zurich have to put even more on the counter. Geneva is the most expensive in Switzerland at CHF 229.96 per night and room.

Hotel prices in Europe's capitals

(Average prices in CHF per night and room)

1. Bern 163.15

2. London 152.46

3. Copenhagen 151.19

4. Stockholm 147.36

5. Oslo 142.69

6. Brussels 141.93

7. Helsinki 139.80

8. Amsterdam 133.75

9. Paris 129.46

10th Dublin 127.26

11. Moscow 102.55

12.Belgrad 101.61

13 Berlin 96.52

14 Vienna 94.38

15. Madrid 90.42