How are women treated in motorcycle clubs

Police confiscate “Bandida” robe | Are there actually female rockers?

Berlin - A “Bandida” rocker poses with machetes, wears a martial leather cowl with fictitious patches (“Hell boss”, “nervous & armed”). Are hard-core rockers discovering their feminine side now? Are there any offspring girls at “Bandidos”, “Hells Angels” and the like?

The (w) crazy case begins with a marginal note in the police report on the Pegida demo at Duisburg Central Station: “At a blocked off point, a woman with a rocker robe and the inscription“ Bandida ”showed up. The officers secured the habit and filed a criminal complaint. "

The "Bandida" is no stranger. The woman poses on the Internet with machetes, with the numbers "681" on it - that means "F ... Hells Angels" ... - a "Hells Angels" hater. Is she the first official female "bandido"?

A leading “Bandido” rocker explains: “No, we don't accept women. This acquaintance adores us “Bandidos” and has therefore apparently made her own habit. But "Bandidos" can only be men, that is clearly regulated. It's just crazy that the police confiscated the robe. "

Are there any rockers at all?Inside in the big clubs? The facts!

There are female members in motorcycle clubs - they ride in small, non-criminal gangs, even set up their own biker clubs, just for women. They are harmless. But: Female rockers in large “one-center” clubs (“Hells Angels”, “Bandidos” etc.) - they are only there to look at, touch, as accomplices.

They are decorative souvenirs at a party or at the counter, are sent to the streets as whores or forced into the Laufhaus, used as drug smugglers. You sit on bikes - but in the back.

They have nothing to report - at least officially. Still, rockers and their brides sometimes make common cause. Four examples:

► Women as accomplices

The ex-president of the Bremen “Hells Angels” Marcel S. (42) and his wife Michaela S. (24) - a prostitute - threatened and gutted one of their clients. He was sentenced to probation and the case against her was dropped. Such actions mostly take place without the knowledge of the club or in any case without its order.

► Women as business partners

When the German ex “Hells Angels” boss Frank Hanebuth and two dozen other rockers were arrested on Mallorca, Dagmar K. was also taken away in handcuffs. According to BILD information, she is said to have played an important role in the prostitution business on the island and managed a brothel for rockers. In addition, the young woman is said to have smuggled black money on a large scale from Germany to Mallorca. Means: She is a business partner of the "Angels", not a member. And the rockers also do business with women if it is profitable.

► Women as mediators

As a result of the arrests, local media even speculated that the women around Hanebuth and the alleged Mallorca Vice Khalil Y. would now take over the direction for the time being: The rockers' partners would maintain contact with the outside world, pass on orders, ensure that business will continue in Mallorca and Germany. However, one thing is certain: the partners never took control, they only carried out instructions.

One of the stone rules of the big "one-center centers": There are no female members! But: The rockers are still dependent on their brides in some cases.

► Women as an alibi

Many senior members overwrite companies "their wives". Background: The police officers themselves cannot prove any organized crime to the “Hells Angels”, since the women are not club members. However, the women have to cede the proceeds to the rockers.

In general: the higher the status of the (male) club member, the higher the internal status of his "old lady", i.e. his steady life partner.

Because you can only live with a rocker and love him if you think like one, or at least stand by him. Even if YOU can never really be a real rocker ...

The rockers in Germany

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