What is maca

Maca - the natural power from the Andes

Since the Maca plant itself is very robust and can withstand the harsh climate in the high Andes, it was assumed by the Incas that the consumption of Maca also transfers this robustness to humans.

Anyone who strolls through the farmers' fields with us will not find any maca plants, because maca grows in the high mountains of Peru and is also imported from there. Maca is an ancient food and medicine that was used for healing as early as the times of the Incas. The plant grows up to 20 cm high, but the most interesting thing is underground: the root. This is baked, cooked, or made into a porridge and consumed by the Peruvian population. Maca is a staple food in some regions of Peru. Due to the extreme conditions and weather conditions in the high Andes, the plant is robust. The plant must withstand rapid temperature fluctuations, strong sunlight, lashing winds or monsoon-like rain. Since the maca plant itself is very robust and can withstand the harsh climate in the area, it was assumed that the consumption of maca transfers this robustness to humans. Originally the roots were valued by the warriors of the Incas, as it was said to increase the ability to concentrate, to provide more strength and to make the warriors fearless.

In Peruvian naturopathy, the maca tuber is known for its warming properties. Similar to Chinese medicine, the Andean people divide food into heating and cooling foods. Therefore, it is also used by the Peruvians for arthritic complaints (rheumatism) and diseases of the respiratory tract, but also to promote fertility in humans and animals.

The reason for the diverse uses of the Maca root is the fact that it contains more than 60 different vital substances. Maca is rich in iron, iodine, manganese, copper, sulfur, zinc and calcium. In addition, the tuber contains vitamins B2, B5, C and niacin.

Maca is now widely used as a supplement:
- to increase libido
- as support for menopausal symptoms
- to improve sperm quality
- for colds and rheumatism
- as a superfood with lots of vitamins and nutrients
- if the cholesterol level is high
- for improving athletic performance
- to increase concentration

We recommend this for easy intake of the vital substances Erva Maca Acerola Zinc Food Supplement. The Erva Maca Acerola Zinc Capsules combine maca powder, acerola and zinc in an optimal combination. In addition to maca, they contain acerola as a natural vitamin C donor to support the immune system. The product also contains zinc, which is involved in over 300 metabolic processes and thus supports the immune system, the reproductive organs and protein synthesis, among other things.

In the ground form, Maca is well suited as an addition to smoothies or muesli. Due to its natural sweetness, it can help to reduce the amount of added sugar and it can be processed very well into desserts such as puddings, creams or muffins.