Which toys do you usually buy

How many toys does my child really need?

Mountains of toys, made of wood, made of plastic, bright, colorful - and distributed all over the apartment: Does that sound familiar to you? So it makes sense to ask yourself the question: Does my child really need all of this? How many toys are enough - and which toys are recommended for which age?

Limit the number of toys

Usually, your child is not “to blame” for the excessive use of toys. The child doesn't ask for this mass, but is showered with too many gifts by parents, grandparents, aunts and the like. And not every wish your child has for toys has to be fulfilled. After all, children should also learn to deal with what they have.

Experts also say that children with a lot of toys are no happier than those with few. Many parents or family members are fundamentally mistaken in this case: They think that by giving material gifts they are doing something good for the little ones. Few of them notice that they actually want to make themselves happy with it in order to buy the affection. Through the child's shining eyes, which in truth only last for a short time. The toy, no matter how great, ends up on the mountain of other gifts a short time later, which have simply become too much. And in the end nobody benefits from that.

Too many toys cause problems

The problem is also: The more toys a child has, the less they need to stimulate their imaginationto come up with an idea to play with. The result: it becomes less creative. There is even a risk that a child will be bored faster or even overwhelmed with all the things that they have to choose from. It cannot decide and changes from part to part. The result: the child becomes more impatient and cannot finish the game. Especially those games that require a little more stamina.

So the correct approach to this issue is: Think about which toys really add value for your child. And relatives are also welcome to know: Not every gift is necessarily useful. Of course, you don't want to offend anyone. Even so, it is advisable to consult with the rest of the family before giving gifts. Does a child have preferences? What toys is it enough of? What else could it actually use? Gifts of money, for example, are also a great way to save on something that the child might really need. Or clothing is often useful, especially when the child is growing quickly.

Which toys are useful?

Which toys are useful when? Things that stimulate the child's imagination, that are challenging but not overwhelming, are always appropriate. Of course, your child should enjoy them. But here, too, you shouldn't exaggerate. It is you and your partner who largely contribute to directing your child's play behavior in a healthy direction.

For example, through regular clearing out. How about, for example, a day at the flea market together? The money raised can then end up in your child's money box. Kindergartens or children's wards in hospitals are further grateful customers. Every now and then move toys in the basement and after a while exchange them for toys in the children's roomwhich in turn are stowed away again. So there is no boredom.

Plus, it's not always the classic toy that your child is after. Rather, they often prefer to play with things that mom and dad also use: wooden spoons, remote controls and other everyday objects. These are also part of the mass of toys, and overall it is advisable not to give your child too much of them. Experts advise not to make more than five things accessible every day. So your sweetheart really has to deal with everyone. If there are a few more, that's okay too.

Toys up to 12 months: discover and understand

In the case of newborns, one can hardly speak of real toys. At the beginning there is a lot of amazement and just watching. Because gripping doesn't work really well at the beginning either. One of the first toys babies love is the "Oball"- you've probably seen it before. Its holes make it easy to grip, beautifully colored and roll. Lots of action for a baby! A play arch made of wood in bright colors is suitable when your baby is a little older. At first it will just look, later it will also specifically reach for the figures. But make sure that they don't feel overwhelmed or even afraid. Another newcomer to the game is a crackling book with fabric pages. There is a lot to discover and your baby gets to know different haptics.

A little later, a jumping jack within reach is recommended. He encourages children to pull themselves up and stand. Small things make a big difference are stackable cups. They are ideal for the entertainment of toddlers. You can build a tower out of them, your sweetheart crawls quickly towards it and knocks it over. In this way, children learn what effect their actions have: touching them, falling over, making noises, rolling away. The cups are also great for playing in the water. Of course, balls are also great toys for your sweetheart to crawl behind.

With a baby walker, you can practice your first steps perfectly from around the ninth month. It is important for baby walkers that they do not tip over and become dangerous. There are great models that offer plenty of space for stuffed animals, dolls and the like and that your child can push around easily. Speaking of dolls: The first doll is always something very special, because it is often a loyal companion for years. For boys too, by the way!

Toys from 1 to 3 years old: stimulate the imagination and learn

As soon as your child can walk, they will want to push or pull something in front of them. A cute pull-along animal that may still make noises is particularly popular as a 1st birthday present. Children of this age love to make noise and noise. This is why toddlers also love instruments made of wood. H After about a year and a half, interest in puzzles also increases. A simple plug-in puzzle is particularly suitable at this age, because children can easily lift the pieces.

Picture books are now indispensable: They support language development, because the child will find everything here that they encounter in everyday life. If the words are still missing and it only indicates it with a “there”, it is your job to name the things. In the next step you can then ask your child: “Where is the car?”. And in time it will recognize living beings and objects and call them by name.

Gradually the time of great imagination and story-thinking begins. Animal figures on a play farm can be a great start to this. A fence that separates the animals from each other and that they can hop over is a great element for this. Ball tracks are also fascinating for children. Duplo stones are also becoming more and more interesting now.

Toys from 3 to 6 years old: imitate and be creative

Both boys and girls aged three and over enjoy playing with a wooden train. The train goes its rounds and the kids are thrilled. Plus: Year after year, you can give up extensions for free until the rail system takes up the entire children's room. With dollhouses, your child can Re-enact everyday situations and think up little stories, Tool boxes invite you to experiment. Interactive books are also a great toy idea for children of this age. There are books with pens that tell stories, give information, make noises or play songs. Or how about a chalkboard for children? It offers small artists a great variety: whether traditionally with chalk, on a roll of paper or with the whiteboard. Later it can get a little more complex: with coloring and sticker books, for example. Here your child can design, create, change and have something of their own that they can show off.

Wooden blocks accompany children for years. While towers topple over at first, small structures emerge later. The big world of Lego blocks also opens up at this age. The complexity of the structures and vehicles is kept relatively simple. Suitable for many children and can be expanded again and again. Exciting! Children from the age of three understand whole stories. They particularly enjoy listening to exciting audio books. When going to bed, audio books or lullabies are also helpful.

No matter what you give your sweetheart to play with: the main thing is that he has fun! The educational benefit then comes naturally. And watch him play; this is the best way to find out what is overwhelming him and what he is perhaps already too old for. You already find the right amount!

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