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Will the US cult series "Two and a Half Men" make an unexpected comeback? Charlie Sheen and a fellow German actor are said to have a plan.

Munich - Many series fans worldwide would cheer: The US cult series "Two and Half Men" could celebrate a surprising comeback. In the middle of it should be the former star of the series: Scandal actor Charlie Sheen (53).

The rumors got rolling by a German acting colleague: Pedro Lopez Martinez (46), who is known to the German TV audience with “Alarm für Cobra 11”. As the picture (article behind payment barrier) reports, Sheen and Lopez Martinez made friends at the "Comic Con" in Dortmund and now met again, this time in London. Lopez Martinez also appears as a Charlie Sheen double.

Lopez Martinez about the meeting: "We hatched common plans there."

Charlie Sheen back on "Two and a Half Men"? This is how the comeback should go

The focus of the new meeting is said to have been plans for the cult series' comeback. In 2015 this ended after twelve seasons, Sheen's character was no longer part of the series after the eighth season. Sheens was released after various escapades.

In season twelve, the creators of the series finally let Sheen's character die without casting him himself. According to Lopez Martinez, this is no problem for a new beginning: “Charlie already has the story in his head: He only faked his death to look for his half-brother in Spain. Charlie meets me there, with the same clothes and the same style as him, only younger. He thinks the idea is so brilliant and wants to discuss it with Chuck Lorre. "

But not only Charlie Sheen, but also the German presenter Johannes B. Kerner is currently planning his comeback and supposedly want to report back with a new show.

Is Sheen making a comeback on "Two and a Half Men"? "Charlie is so hot for his old role"

Until recently, the inventor of the successful series and Sheen were considered to be at odds. Lopez still believes in a surprising turnaround: "Charlie is so hot for his old role, he's doing everything for the comeback." Sheen himself has not yet commented on the plans.


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