What does house artist mean


The artist house Gessnerallee opens space for creative work of various kinds - with or without output. The focus is on the exchange between the generations, the local and international network and non-hierarchical formats.

Numerous actors from the local theater, dance, performance and music scene have had a close relationship with the house for many years. And we look forward to entering into new partnerships with young artists and Gessnerallee newcomers every year!

All artists and groups co-producing with Gessnerallee for the 2020/21 season can be seen here.

How do I become a resident artist?

All of the independent theater and dance groups sponsored by the City of Zurich that produce together with Gessnerallee belong to the growing family of in-house artists. There are also other associated national and international artists who are connected to the house through various projects, such as the laboratory. If you are applying for funding for a piece for the first time and would like to co-produce with Gessnerallee, please contact [email protected] with the following details

  • Name of your group
  • Your biography
  • Your plan: first research and ideas for implementation
  • Images or links to documentation of older work
  • Max. 3 A4 pages or a video of max. 5 minutes