Who are some major employers in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh / USA

We lived and worked in Pittsburgh from early 2009 to June 2010. It was an exciting and wonderful time in which we were able to experience a lot and gain a lot of experience.

The Montour Trail, Imperial, our "regular bar" Steel City Salon, John and Kerry on Q92.9 and much more will remain unforgettable ...

Impressions in and around Pittsburgh

Our home in Pittsburgh

Some information about Pittsburgh / USA:

Pittsburgh - Downtown between the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers

The city is located in the state of Pennsylvania. The city is located at the confluence of the Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio Rivers.

Lots of photos and how we fared:

Report 1 from summer 2008
And it came to pass at some point in June, 2008 ...

Report 2 of January 28, 2009
Goodbye Germany!

Report 3 of March 24, 2009
Our new life - Welcome to the USA!

Report 4 of March 26, 2009
Welcome to Woodcrest Drive, Coroapolis - our new home ...

Some information about Pittsburgh / USA
The city is located in the state of Pennsylvania and ...

Report 5 from March 2009
For days he has been announcing himself: It's St. Patrick's Day - ...

Report 6 from April 2009
We have visitors - first from Germany, then from Detroit. How nice!

Report 7 of April 14, 2009
We're a little jealous. I have the weather report for us on an internal website ...

Report 8 from April 21-23, 2009
Las Vegas - No more bets - Nothing works anymore!

Report 9 from the beginning of May 2009
We enjoy - whenever possible - every ray of sunshine.

Report 10 of May 17, 2009
As soon as Klaus is in the USA, he appears with a picture in the local press in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and at the same time in the Rheinische Post in Leverkusen.

Report 11 from the end of May 2009
We take the opportunity to be at the sea in just 2 hours by car - sorry - at Lake Erie.

Report 12 of June 12, 2009
Klaus: In Pittsburgh, I'm the man for communication in North America. But on my business card it says ...

Report 13 from June 2009
Pittsburgh has a lot to offer. Here are some photo impressions in and around Pittsburgh.

Report 14 of June 13, 2009
All hell has broken loose in Pittsburgh !! Pittsburgh - City of Champions !! What Vice-, Neverkusen unfortunately never manages, this year it became a reality!

Report 15 from July 2009
It is the 4th of July - the US National Day celebrating the Declaration of Independence and the breakaway from Great Britain in 1776.

Report 16 from August 2009
Finally - the Expedi is here!
With the Expedi through Nova Scotia / Canada, Maine / USA to Pittsburgh!

Report 17 from September 2009
We enjoy a wonderful late summer and use our Expedi again. The next three weekends you can find us ...

Report 18 from October 2009
It starts at the beginning of October - the Indian Summer. At first very slowly, but then with incredible splendor, the trees shine in bright colors. ...

Report 19 dated October 31, 2009
Happy Halloween

Report 20 from November 2009
Penguins, pinta, niƱa, panthers, elephants and a Thanksgiving turkey ...

Report 21 from December 2009
It's very Christmassy in Pittsburgh ...

Report 22 from the turn of the year 2009/2010
Christmas time - that's mulled wine, Christmas market, good food and much more. It's good that we are back home - at home in Leverkusen ...

Report 23 from January / February 2010
A snow storm over the American east coast brings unfamiliar masses of snow, not only for us Germans ...

Report 24 from a short trip to Brazil
While winter has Pittsburgh firmly under control, Klaus escapes to the sunny south. A business trip is called something ...

Report 25 from February 2010
The Super Bowl is in - almost the highest holiday in the USA - after the winner last year was still called Pittsburgh Steelers, ...

Report 26 from March 2010
Hurray - visit from home! We get a visitor from Leverkusen - after an arduous journey we were finally able to ...

Report 27 from April 2010
The last few weeks in Pittsburgh are dawning. Everyday life and new events alternate ...

Report 28 from May 2010
Farewell - Farewell Party, Farewell Lunch, Farewell Dinner ...

Report 29 from June 2010
On packed suitcases or expedi ...

Another phase of life is over for us. So time to draw a conclusion ...