What is each coding language used for

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From: Maria Geipel

As of: 01/26/2021

Here we answer the following questions:

  • What is meant by communication?
  • How does communication work?
  • What means can be used to communicate?

When people communicate with each other, they become too Transmitters and Recipients. The sender wants to communicate something, for example feelings, views, wishes or factual information. This does not happen through thought transmission, but what is to be expressed is coded. Language, writing or body signals "transport" the message to the recipient. So it will be a signal sent out.

Transmitter-receiver model (after W. Weaver / C. E. Shannon: The Mathematical Theory of Communication, Illinois 1949)

The receiver must decrypt the signal again, i.e. decode it. Only when he has "cracked" the code and interpreted the message can he react to it and become the sender himself.

  • Verbal Communication: language, the spoken / written word
  • Paraverbals Communication: type of articulation, so the range of voice (e.g. tone of voice, volume, speaking speed)
  • Non-verbal Communication: gesture(Movements outside of the face such as shrugging, clenching a fist); facial expressions(Facial movements such as laughing, rolling your eyes, biting your lower lip); Posture, movement in space
  • It supports, strengthens or debilitates what is verbally communicated.
  • It replaces language (e.g. keep quiet, cry).
  • It expresses emotions - sometimes more clearly than the linguistic expression itself.
  • It shows the attitude towards the other person and towards the situation.

who transmitted (sender)?
How (Means of communication)?
What (Message)?
To whom (Receiver)?
With what effect (Effect on the recipient's side)?
With what reaction (Receiver becomes sender)?

Our body language is partly innate and is understood uniformly across cultures, e.g. B. crying a baby or choking when disgusted. But there are also behaviors that are culturally learned. When listeners to a lecture in Japan nod and close their eyes, they are not bored, but rather they express their interest and attention.