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Culinary journey: together you eat less alone

Traveling has become difficult “in these times”, and I also attend cooking classes!

The adult education centers have therefore come up with something special. Traveling while cooking and getting to know dishes and people from many regions should be possible again with the new series of events “Together we eat less alone”. From March to June, culinary enthusiasts can take part in cooking events all over Germany from their own kitchen: Leipzig, Eschweiler, Konstanz, Karlsruhe, Straubing, Kaiserslautern, Bremen are on the route.

What makes the vhs online cooking mine special?

Unlike the TV chef, people cook and eat together. In the live streaming, the participants cook under supervision at home and try different dishes from the respective region every week, sometimes modern and classic. So the group event is in the foreground.

Receive travel documents ...

You can register for all stages of the journey at the Volkshochschule Straubing. When you register, a link with zoom access and the entry code for the adult education center learning platform (www.vhs.cloud) is sent. Participants only need a stable internet connection, a computer with a camera and microphone, or alternatively a tablet or smartphone. There is also a shopping list for the necessary ingredients with the booking. The cooks then “appear” in the kitchen at home for 90 minutes. There you can cook alone or together with your partner, family or girlfriend under supervision. With the kitchen professionals, vegetables are cleaned and cut, seasoned and served. Everyday tips and tricks from the professionals are included.

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On the culinary trips there are healthy, tasty recipes and lots of interesting facts to discover about good food and healthy nutrition. During the preparation, questions can be asked in the live chat, exchanged with other participants or tips can be given yourself. At the latest while eating, the participants from all over Germany get to know each other better. Here is time to clarify any remaining questions, just chat casually, talk about regional specialties or the next travel destination.

Beyond the cooking event ...

... keep in touch! This works with the adult education center learning platform (www.vhs.cloud). There you will find all the recipes as a PDF after every trip and you also have the opportunity to exchange ideas with the nice "fellow travelers".

Do you want to continue traveling? Then surf through the world of vhs courses in our vhs course finder.

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