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Hello @ a
Today I would like to deal with a topic that may be of interest to one or the other.
For a long time I have also been repairing power generators, including inverter generators, many have these little things for the mobile home or festivals like Wacken etc.
Inverters have the advantage that you can also operate laptops and similar things with them because they deliver clean electricity.
Power is around 1000 watts, and the prices start at 100-200 euros. Sold under Zipper, Güde, Scheppach, Parkside, Hunday, Kraft etc. They all have one thing in common - they are identical in construction. For many, however, the fun usually ends after the first season because the thing no longer starts or no longer works properly
or no longer gives off tension. But it doesn't have to be, mostly a small cause, big effect.
If the device is put away after the season, there is mostly still gasoline in the tank, here the carburetor and gasoline hoses stick together, it won't start.
Remedy after the season drain the petrol and let the generator run until it goes out. If it is to be stored with gasoline, it is essential to fill in gasoline stabilizer and let the generator run for 5-10 minutes then it will start again in the spring.
The next suspect is the low oil switch; if the oil level is too low, it prevents the generator from starting. For the generator type shown, fill in 260 ml of oil in most operating instructions there is too little in it. Oil quality 10W40, 15W40, I use 10W50 then they also run at high temperatures.
In many devices, the inverter is also destroyed by overloading, 1000 watts is the continuous output, 1200 watts for a maximum of 5 seconds. Be careful with devices that have a high starting current.
Often only the capacitor in the inverter is defective, which can be changed from 470mF 450Volt. Another suspect is the ignition distributor, here the mosfet also dies, the part is completely potted but you can expose it and change the mosfet. At a price of around 130 euros you have to weigh up repairs or buy new spare parts that are expensive.
After repairs have been carried out, my generators look like this and work again. Greetings Harald
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