Tips for breakfast buffets in the hotel

Vacation: etiquette tips for the hotel: How to avoid faux pas

When traveling, people like to afford good accommodation. But as beautiful as a luxury hotel may be, the fear of misbehaving also increases. Some are unsure which behavior is appropriate at the moment. Those who follow this little hotel etiquette avoid embarrassing incidents. And when in doubt, the following always applies: Mutual respect makes life easier.

1. Do I have to park the car?

One employee carries the suitcase. Another opens the door. Meanwhile, a third person parks the car in the garage. All of this is common in a luxury hotel. It goes without saying that every guest can decide for themselves which services to use. However, if you want to carry the suitcase yourself in order to save the tip afterwards, you might be better off staying in a budget hotel.

2. Can I take an apple from the breakfast buffet?

Officially clearly no. Food may not even be carried out of the breakfast room to consume in the room without permission. But if you ask in a friendly way, you can usually pack apples and bananas for the journey home. You order the larger lunch box the evening before - and pay for it accordingly.

3. How much tip do I give the maid?

As a rule of thumb: in a good hotel you spend from five euros for a night, from 20 euros for a week. If you tip right at the beginning, you will be motivated for the rest of your stay. So that there is no misunderstanding, put the money on the pillow or the table with a note underneath “for housekeeping” - with a thank you. The suitcase boy receives one euro per piece of luggage. Extra tip: In the restaurant, connoisseurs also tip the kitchen after a good meal.

4. Can I go through the hotel in a bathrobe?

Somehow you have to get from the room to the wellness area. The hotel association considers it improper, but the guests do it anyway. Nobody looks really good in white terrycloth, however. In general, the following applies to the dress code today: Whatever you like is allowed. But it should have a certain style.

5. Breakfast is served until 9 a.m. - can I come at 8:59 a.m.?

The staff is happy when the guests don't strain their shift too much and come to the end of breakfast at some point. Otherwise it reacts with a certain "clean-up atmosphere". And the buffet will certainly not be refilled.

6. Can I order Lieferando to my room?

Only if the hotel room has a kitchenette. Otherwise it is also not welcomed that guests with thickly packed supermarket bags get into the elevator or even pack their own cola in the minibar. On the other hand, if you unobtrusively unpack the lunch box you have brought with you in your room, you will usually not have a problem with it.

7. Can I bring guests with me?

Of course, you can bring whoever you want into your room. If the visit lasts longer than a few minutes, however, the reception should know. Additional overnight guests are not a problem, but will be charged.

8. Who cleans up what?

Even at home, people with style do not randomly distribute shirts and trousers around the room. Rule of thumb: a room should be left as it would if you were staying with friends. And everything that the staff shouldn't touch belongs in a drawer or a cupboard. The suitcase is unpacked and stowed away. And the mishap with the torn curtain or the red wine stain is reported to the reception.

9. How do I complain?

The television next door is at maximum volume. The couple, on the other hand, are clamoring out their marital row now, of all times. And the lady above you has been jumping across the floor in high heels for hours. In such situations it is better not to knock with a broomstick, but inform the reception in a friendly manner. Explain in a calm tone what is bothering you. And if necessary, have someone give you another room.

10. Is photography allowed?

A selfie on the fitness treadmill is definitely okay. However, if you bring other guests in swimwear to the photo at the pool and post them on Instagram the next moment, you simply lack respect. The same is true in the restaurant. An inconspicuous photo of the pristine dessert is fine. Anyone who makes a photo shoot out of it is simply annoying.

11. Can I take the opened shampoo with me?

Officially, the same applies as with the buffet: consume or leave. Because even the opened soap remains the property of the hotel. In practice, however, nobody will cause problems in such cases. If in doubt, it is better to ask at reception. Who wants to be accused of theft? Towels and flip-flops with hotel imprints can often be bought as souvenirs.

12. Can I still use the gym and swimming pool after checking out?

Hotels treat this very differently. If you ask in a friendly way, you will usually be allowed to do so for a reasonable amount of time. Sometimes hotels charge a day spa card.

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