How can I get my motivation

Seven ways out of low motivation

We are not machines. It is absolutely normal that motivation fluctuates and sometimes goes to zero. Perhaps an experience threw you out of your rhythm and since then you've fallen back into old habits. It is crucial to get back on your feet after such a phase. Because a few days off can quickly turn into several weeks.

That's why you are now learning seven quick tricks on how to find your old enthusiasm again and soon reach new peaks again.

1. Just start again

This tip sounds extremely simple, but you shouldn't conclude from its simplicity that it is ineffective. Because once you've started again, you can really take the whole swing with you. You have to get the stone rolling first so that you can then pull yourself up on the forward impact.

Do not let yourself go, go yourself! Magda Bentrup

So instead of constantly thinking about how little motivated you are and how difficult it is to start, you are suddenly fully involved. You will find that getting started wasn't as difficult as you thought.

2. Accelerate slowly

You must never make the mistake and, after a long break, expect yourself to be able to achieve top performance straight away. Increase yourself day by day until you have reached the original state again. Take your time and do not put yourself under pressure, because otherwise you will give up immediately, exasperated.

3. Accept the ups and downs

Motivation is not constant. Accept that there are days when you would like to stay in bed all day. The negative thoughts must then not gain the upper hand. Instead, see it as a special challenge to still make the most of a day like this.

But you shouldn't make the mistake of using days when you have a lot of energy and motivation as a yardstick. Enjoy such power days and make the most of them!

4. Be well rested

Never underestimate the importance of getting enough sleep. Only those who are well rested can achieve top performance (see also rest phase and periodization). When you are tired and exhausted, your motivation suffers extremely. If you want to achieve a lot, you have to get into the habit of going to bed on time and (if possible) always at the same time. But be careful: Too much sleep makes you lazy. You have to find a healthy mediocrity.

5. Find like-minded people

It is always particularly difficult to stick to the bar on your own. Therefore look for a partner who pursues the same goal as you. You can then motivate each other in the difficult phases. For big tasks, you can also get help from experts or work with a coach.

6. Never skip two days in a row

That is absolutely crucial! It is completely normal that you don't feel like it for a day and prefer to be lazy. So that the rhythm is not completely lost, you should make sure that you continue the next day.

Especially if you want to learn a new habit, you should never deviate from this rule. Otherwise everything that you have built up over a few weeks will be broken again. To prevent that, you should be motivated enough to go full throttle again tomorrow!

7. Light your inner fire

Why has your motivation been lost? At some point you must have been motivated to achieve your goals, right? Find this inner fire again! Read inspiring stories that will spark new motivation in you. Think about how you can have more fun with your tasks again. Maybe a bet with a friend or just work outdoors today? There are so many ways to add variety to everyday life. You just have to get creative and ask yourself how you can pursue your goals with more fun and passion.

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