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Analysis of qualitative data with MAXQDA

This book conveys in an understandable way the knowledge to evaluate qualitative and mixed-methods data with MAXQDA. The authors have decades of research experience and cover a wide range of methods in this book. They are not limited to individual research approaches, but convey the know-how to be able to implement various methods - from grounded theory to discourse analysis to qualitative content analysis - with MAXQDA. In addition, special topics are focused, such as transcription, category formation, visualizations, video analysis, concept maps, group comparisons and the creation of literature reviews.

The content

  • How MAXQDA is used optimally in every phase of your project
  • How data is transcribed, explored and paraphrased
  • How to code data and design category systems
  • How to work with memos, variables and summaries
  • How special types of data are analyzed (focus groups, online surveys, references, etc.)
  • How to efficiently analyze data in a team with MAXQDA


the authors
Dr. Stefan R├Ądiker is a freelance consultant and trainer for research methods and evaluation. The focus of his activities is the computer-aided analysis of qualitative and mixed-methods data with the analysis software MAXQDA.

Dr. Udo Kuckartz is professor emeritus for empirical educational science and methods of social research at the Philipps University of Marburg.