Why do I feel weightless in the water

Sports in Halle "I feel weightless in the water"

Laura trains 25 hours a week. What sounds like an odyssey to the 'non-swimmer' is quite normal for Laura. Her primary association with Halle is the element of water. Even as a child she was very athletic. “Swimming is an integral part of my life and an indispensable part of my daily routine. I jump into the cold water of the swimming pool almost every morning at 7:30 am and I've got used to it, ”says Laura and smiles.

"Hall is green"

Anyone who swims as much as Laura needs compensation. The Halle native finds it in nature. “I live in the Nietleben district and love it there because there is so much greenery in my area. In five minutes I'll be in the middle of the forest and relax there while walking. Moving away from Halle is out of the question for me. My family lives here - an environment that gives me strength and supports me a lot on my way, ”says Laura.

"The university offers a large selection"

Laura's life isn't all about water. Since last year she has been studying to be a teacher for German and social studies at the Martin Luther University in Halle-Wittenberg. “I'm glad I didn't have to move for my studies. Many subject combinations are offered in Halle and there is a large selection of subjects. ”Successful swimming is not an issue at the university. Many of her fellow students know nothing about it. Laura is very happy about that. On campus, she talks about other things that have nothing to do with swimming.

"I see Halle with different eyes"

Inspired by her fellow students, Laura has had a different view of her hometown since studying. Before she went to university, she hardly stayed downtown. “I now enjoy going to the cafés on Kleine Ulrichstrasse, if my training plan allows it. I am discovering my hometown with a new perspective. "

Laura gets to know different people through competitive sports in Halle. But she does not only get around a lot within Germany. She recently flew to Japan for a competition. It's especially funny when athletes from other countries ask her where she lives. “When I tell you that Halle is my home, nobody knows it and everyone asks: 'Where is that?' It's nice that the city isn't so overcrowded. This is exactly what makes the city so charming for me. "