Why should MBA help me

What are the benefits of an MBA?

Know-how, networks, money
Numerous headings such as “Career with the MBA”, “MBA or Dr. - What is more helpful for a career? ”,“ Career in the fast lane ”suggest in the press that an MBA is only about two things: leadership and money. The Master of Business Administration is seen as the ultimate career springboard. Especially if you go to one of the top schools in the world.

But does reality keep what the theory promises? Is an MBA worth it? Anyone who opts for an MBA degree should be aware of its advantages and disadvantages, especially with regard to whether such a degree can really help to achieve one's career goals. The MBA does not automatically help you find your dream job after graduation.

"We will probably see clusters of business schools in the future: from training machines for financial capitalism to schools of management philosophies," said Klaus Landfried, former President of the University Rectors' Conference.

If, as is currently the case, confidence in economic strength wavers, companies will become more conservative in recruiting their employees. In London and New York, but also in Frankfurt or Cologne, the big banks have reduced the number of hires in recent years and laid off tens of thousands of employees. It must be questioned whether the investment in the MBA was worthwhile for this group.

A decade ago, a third of all graduates from leading business schools went into finance - mostly investment banking - another third into consulting. Nowadays, however, over 50 percent of graduates find their first job in another sector: consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, media, IT, industry as well as with non-governmental and charitable organizations. Social media strategists are also wanted in all industries.

Those who decide against "financial capitalism" will certainly not immediately earn the promised 100,000 euros and more, but may still be in wages and bread in 20 years' time.

Where and how do MBA graduates find a job?

Source: GMAC 2015

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