Why do we have few friends

So it's better to have fewer friends

So it's better to have fewer friends

Less is more! Class instead of mass! Quantity instead of quality! What doesn’t apply to cake, chocolate and the weekend, however, applies completely to friendships. Because: Having fewer friends is better for your health, according to a study. But there is more to it than that!

You were rather unpopular as a teenager? At school you didn't have a huge crowd of friends around you, but only a few close friends with whom you went through thick and thin? Then it's time to congratulate you guys!

The reason for our congratulations lies in the result of a recent study published in the American magazine Child Development has been published. Study participants were almost 170 young adults who had a Period of 10 years between the ages of 15 and 25 were observed. The focus was on the friendships of the participants as well as their mental and health condition. The circle of friends of the people taking part was also included. In addition to information about people they trust in their lives, the study participants also had to provide information about their well-being; possible signs of depression as well as emotions such as fear, self-esteem and social acceptance were assessed.

These detailed and time-consuming observations ultimately led to an interesting result. The popular school stars aren't getting happier adults! According to researchers, teenagers who made deep friendships by the age of 15 are less likely to show signs of depression. A decade later, at the age of 25, they also have a higher self-esteem, and they also suffer less from social phobia.

Happier people have fewer, but better friends

The study, meanwhile, supports the assumption that one should invest his time in real friendships instead of scrambling around numerous "fake friends" who are not there for you in important situations. Nobody needs superficial friendships anyway, right? You should also break away from friendships that are not good for you in the long run!