What does it mean to improve content writing

Good lyrics? We need great content that pops right into the brain!

(The visit is, for example, a website visitor or a search engine crawler).

If a second rabbit is added, each rabbit gets 50% food, attention and love.

And this proportion decreases from rabbit to rabbit: You can imagine that it is no fun to be responsible for the fact that 100 rabbits all develop splendidly at the same time.



At a certain point, everyone involved starts to feel uncomfortable:

1) You: Because after every rabbit you produce a new rabbit and you hardly have any more resources to take care of your existing rabbits.

2) Your rabbits: Because you would like to be premium rabbits to please the visitors - and have to defend yourself against foxes and buzzards.

3) Your visitors: Because you come to a potty, smelly room full of traumatized and neglected rabbits.


I hope the analogy with the rabbits comes across as understandable: It's the same with your digital content.

When you have more digital content than you have with your resources

  • for your readers develop and
  • against your competitors defend dominantly can,

it's more about luck and opportunism than meaningful content management.

Be a good rabbit owner!


Become more responsive!

What does this "be able to resonate" actually mean?

Information that is for us

  • uninteresting
  • or irrelevant are
  • or us do not touch emotionally,

usually generate no response: We do not react to the impulse and within us there is no need.

"Requirement", in simplified terms, is the unconditional interaction

  1. a noticeable need
  2. a willingness to act or buy and
  3. a corresponding agency or purchasing power.

Only when these three components are activated at the same time does a need arise - not before.


As soon as you know the three essential factors that lead to the respective need, you can derive the triggers that your digital content should send out. Or to put it another way: This is how you find out what generates a response from your readers!


As soon as something for us Interesting, relevant appears or us emotionally touched, we step in resonance with the information source: we are ready to provide the information perceive, to to process and in the best case too react.

And we don't want a lead desert. Make your digital content rich, can be grasped quickly, pleasant to consume and easy to divide.

We want

  • Images: Because text alone dries our eyes out!
  • Tables:Because you took the time to compress and structure data for us (and the search engines).
  • Videos:Because it's so nice and comfortable.
  • Bulleted Lists:Because we deliver the content even faster overfly can and still enough Experienced.
  • a Summary.And preferably in such a way that we can determine the scope ourselves. Oh, that would be great.

We want a good onestructure with a personable andflawless style!


Create oneeasy to read andscannable Content. We loveSpeed ​​readingand "skimming over information in search of something useful". Support us!

Would you like to find out more about the subject of "resonance"?

OK! If you like, then put a bookmark for the TEDx Talk "Always a different view of everything (and the world)".

In this TEDx talk I will go into what resonance means in communication and how you can use it in everyday life:

Tools and functional principles to increase the resonance of your digital content include:

  • Planes model
  • Demand group model
  • Questions model
  • Basic Conversion Hygiene Factors
  • Dynamization of digital content

You will find many intensive e-books, media books, videos and scripts on these points in karlsCORE public.


When a website visitor receives aspecific need has, the probability one conversion through the Ability to resonate of digital content Taxes!


Seduce. Let a new reality arise in the reader's perception.

Hardly any functional principle is as powerful as this one. And hardly any functional principle is so consistently ignored.

I say it bluntly:

"Texts that don't direct my attention, that don't change my perception, that don't trigger any impulses - I don't take them from my copywriters!"

And that's exactly how you should do it: You don't need any ASCII filler material, but digital content that readers can take to heart and say: "Holy shit - they mean yes * ME *!"



Look at your digital content and ask yourself the question:

  • I build one with my advertising material for my digital content Expectation on?
  • Solve I have these expectations on my landing page a?
  • I steer active and deliberately the precious one attention my readers so that in theirs perception the ones I want reality arises?

Here is your "blueprint":

  1. Attract attention,
  2. Build expectation,
  3. Redeem expectation,
  4. Draw attention,
  5. create new reality:
This is how digital seduction works!

If you want to read, see and learn more about it: In the e-book "Planning, creating and optimizing digital sales systems" you will find over 200 pages with exciting ideas for marketing your products and services. Just take a look!


Love your subject.

We'll notice if you don't love what you write. We can feel it when you follow Word count instead of meaning get paid. If you hurried we will Lovelessness smell with which you the characters clapped has. And we notice it immediately when you hear about your topic no idea has.

You do not write any texts for us:

  • You fulfill ours Desire for distraction and intoxication.
  • You breastfeed ours Greed for knowledgethat we don't have yet.
  • You satisfy our Desire for the best structured information.

But that only works for both of us if you get enthusiastic and passionate about this task.


Don't turn us off!

Don't even touch redundant information. Just send us links to sources anddon't chew the same crap over again. We don't give a damn about "relevant content", the thousandth answer to "What is content marketing?" Write us something that is real for usadded value generated:

  • New, newer, BRAND NEW!
  • Information available on all of the other websites Not can be found.
  • Interactive: We have arrived in 2020. Static content is out!

Make sure we get our tired bums up and inresonance step with you.


Create more WOW! Effects!

"Where nothing happens, nothing stirs."

You know it yourself: this moment of amazement. When you find out something special on a website.

Or when you see or read something unbelievable.

And if you experience something fascinating again immediately afterwards, this effect is even increased.

These "WOW!" Effects are additive over a short period of time.

An essential basis for the divisibility of digital content as well as the stimulation of your readers is the number of resonance points within your digital content: "Where nothing moves, nothing happens!" Ask yourself the question:

  • Does this digital content contain at least one WOW! Effect?
  • If not: why not and how can that be changed?
  • If so, can you add another WOW! Effect?

"Successful learning" in the sense of a successful processing of information often pours in Happiness in the mind of the reader.

With a WOW! Effect, this feeling becomes reinforced: If you do it well,

  • the reader puts one with you Presumption of competence here,
  • his Ability to resonate (and thus the probability of a conversion) increases
  • and you increase your chances of getting your digital content shared again in social networks becomes.

A pro tip: So that there are WOW! Effects additive to a real one Build up your euphoria, they need a direct relationship to each other. The legendary magician Thimon von Berlepsch explains this very nicely in the video of the # NeueRealität conference from minute 52:

The video as well as all other videos of the # NeueRealität are available in karlsCORE, please have a look!


How long? So long!

I often hear statements and questions like

  • How long can texts be on the web?
  • I don't like long texts.
  • Does anyone even read long texts on the Internet?
  • Aren't short texts too short?

There is a very simple rule of thumb:

  1. Make your texts as long as they are cool.
  2. Then shorten it a little.

Anyone who measures texts according to their number of words only, also pushes small hedgehogs into the milk. (Yes, I know that hedgehogs should not be given milk.)

There are people who read texts that are over 1,000 pages long. Whole books. Why are you reading 1,000? Because the 1,000 pages are probably relevant and interesting.

Make your texts as "long" as they are interesting and relevant. And then shorten it a little.

Pro tip: And if you're really up for cool stuff, then read the section on "Dynamization" - and let your readers decide how much they want to read!


How happy is your digital content to be shared on social networks?

Look at your digital content and ask yourself a simple question:

  • "Would I share this digital content on my personal Facebook / Twitter / XING timeline?"

If you don't want to share your digital content yourself, then "something is broken": It's probably not cool, embarrassing or uninteresting. When do we share something on social networks? Exactly: if we find it exciting. Or interesting. Or dissonant - so much so that we have to share it!

Funny, emotional, controversial content is shared. Not boring bla-blah.

Here, too, the "secret" lies in the ability to resonate. To make your content more responsive, you can, for example, access the following models and functional principles from karlsCORE:

  • Planes model: This will make your content more resonant and competitive
  • Demand group model: How to find out which one event for the problem at the customer's, whose solution Your offer is.
  • Questions model: Find out what questions your future customers will ask themselves when they need your offer.
  • Basics and advanced methods for sharing digital content on social networks.
  • Terms and formulations that open the heart, brain and wallet of your customers - or those of your customers' customers.

Technical aspects should also be taken into account:

To make it easier to share on Facebook, the Opengraph awards should be used correctly in digital content.

For example, if there are no Opengraph markups in your digital content, Facebook uses the title tag, the meta description and the first usable image as a preview image. However, this is often not exactly what you want to show on Facebook. And even more often that is not suitable for a Expectation to produce with the viewer.


Have a goal.

We notice immediately when you have no goal. And we notice it when you haven't thought about your goal hard enough. Your text becomes vague, the red thread is missing, we don't know "what you're getting at". Please first define "what you would like to achieve for us with your article". And only start writing afterwards.

If your digital content doesn't have a target,

  • the copywriter does not know how to write the test version of the text.
  • the controller cannot release an adequate budget for the optimization.
  • SEO is guessing which keyword clusters the content should be optimized for
  • the SEA officer cannot assign any meaningful campaign budgets,
  • the conversion optimizer has no job at all.
  • you cannot give the developer any priorities for optimizing digital content.
  • ...

I hope it becomes clear now: Anyone who grows funny and does not set goals for their digital content is more in the hobby than in the corporate sector.

Please define the meaningful goals for each individual digital content.


Straight into the brain!

It doesn't matter what you write.

Much more important is: How did we feel when we finished reading your text?

Was it like an unbearably long communion hour?Or was it like pure, passionate sex on the warm sandy beach in the brain?

Let emotions boil up. Life is too short for boring content. Be constructively controversial:

Leave a trail of sympathetic havoc in our brains. Aaahhh, thanks - that's good!


Be holistic - for us, your readers.

"Holistic", eh? Is that another hype word like "content marketing"?

Take appropriate to your topicmany different perspectives a. Look at your topic from a strategic point of view. From the legal side. From a monetary point of view. Be funny, be serious, meticulous, generous. Look at the small details and the big picture.Open up new perspectives for us and pass this impulse on raw and unfiltered.

The Planes model (available in karlsCORE public) supports you on a topic different perspectives take it and take it off many levels consider. The mastery of many viewing levels makes digital content more responsive and competitive: Anyone who is able to view a topic more holistically than all competitors speaks to more people. At the same time, search engines often prefer intensive content to simple texts.


Separate thinking and writing

What do you think your text thinks of you while you are fiddling with it?

Time eats up money. Please separate thinking and writing - it is more efficient. We will notice in your texts if the essential thoughts come to you while you are writing. "Then often the circle does not come full circle ", just on the content level (note: this sentence is intentionally illogical).


Work hard for simplicity.

Just write for us. Simple phrases. Simple facts.Simple operating principles. That is not always easy. And not always feasible either. At least try.Work hard to make it easy for us.

Everything simple works. What is not easy usually does not work well. At least not in times of constant multimedia distraction and complex words.


Dynamize and do it individually.

Dynamizing digital content opens up a whole new dimension for you. You can

  • very individually on the Wishes and needs individual website visitors or groups.
  • Conformity with expectations Increase: A landing page or text can be adapted to the previous advertising material.
  • the Increase the likelihood of conversions: Just let your website visitors choose what they like and then show them the route that's right for them.
  • Text lengths to the wishes of the readers to adjust.

Short: You can stage their own reality for every website visitor! (Oh damn - *THE* is powerful, yeah.)




Find out who we are. Deliver us what interests us. Invest in user-centric design, tracking, and keyword templating.Differentiate case and need-specific entry points and give us what we want to see then.


On this page you will find a possible type of dynamization:

Dynamizing digital content has many advantages:

  • You are able to meet people exclusive instead of addressing in general.
  • Your content will be more resonantbecause people in their segment feel better addressed.
  • Each interaction with a digital content is a "small agreement" in the sense of: "I would like to continue to deal with it".


Great content and term weighting - does that go together?

Perhaps you have heard the term term weighting or WDF * IDF before. If not, it doesn't matter. You are probably already doing everything right intuitively.

Term weighting is a functional principle with which you can make digital content more clearly understandable for search engines like Google.

Are you interested in the subject of "term weighting (WDF-IDF)" at all?


In summary, it is about these areas:

  1. Main topic: The term weighting can be used to determine "about which topic" it works with digital content. This is usually the word or combination of words with the greatest term weighting value for this document.It often happens in practice that the words used in the document make it difficult for a search engine to identify the main topic. With the help of term weighting, you can specifically favor the fact that your digital content is correctly understood.
  2. Evidence terms: If a feather document contains the term feather with a high term weight value, then that's one thing. But only terms such as "spring", "steel" and "car" allow a search engine to identify which spring it is. Other documents deal with "pen", "chicken" and "bird", while others deal with "pen", "ink" and "paper". With the term weighting, such so-called "evidential terms" (English: Proof keywords) and use it specifically in digital content so that it can be better located.
  3. Diversity: The differentiation from other digital content is an important factor not only for search engines, but also for people. "Differences" can be identified and created very cleverly with the help of term weighting.

In karlsCORE you will find the "tool for creating excellent content". It contains many good modules for research and analysis - and also a module for term weighting. Many excellent copywriters are already simplifying their work with the help of this tool.

Speed ​​baby Speeeeeeeed!

You tear yourself out of six legs in order to create the best content ... and then it is displayed on the smartphone with 4G just looooong slowly and sluggishly. That should not be!

Manically optimize your PageSpeed ​​and your loading time. Establish an excellent infrastructure. If many competitors deliver excellence in terms of content, you also boast technological excellence!


Think for us before.

What do our customers and readers need?Think for us before. Do not provide us with assembly instructions.Give us impulses. Don't write about data, information, or knowledge;write to us about your experiences.

Give us an insight that we can use to develop ourselves and our readers and customers.



We, your readers, want to give you something back.

Something more important than the Google Venice, Panda, Pingu, Bert updates and whatever they're called:

Technologically decoupled connection: That means something like "We'll visit your website even if it doesn't rank in Google." :-)

Oha, in such a hurry today? Ok, let's get straight to the point. Here are a few ideas for creating good digital content:

  • Create content for the problems, wishes and hopes of your customers.Please do not write any more texts for "Gugel", "to simply inform people" or for blogging sake.
  • Build robust processes, within which you can permanently optimize your digital content.
  • Plan your "digital playing field"to derive directly which digital content you need at which point in time in which channels.
  • Systematically increase the added value through conversion optimization, in this case: A / B testing of your digital content.
  • Get rid of the brainwashing, You would need more and longer digital content.
  • Measure and monitor the uniqueness Your digital content - avoid redundancies and similar texts!
  • Be more careful with the lifetime of your copywriters - or with yours, if you are a copywriter.
  • Focus, reduction, intensification: Focus on your core competencies, reduce your digital content to what is necessary and intensify it.
  • Love your subject: It is immediately noticeable if you don't have any Passion for the topic you have. If you don't have passion, hardly a spark will jump to your reader and start a fire.
  • Become more responsive: Information that is uninteresting or irrelevant to us or does not affect us emotionally generally does not generate any response. If nobody reacts to your contributions, it may be due to insufficient responsiveness.
  • Bring attention to the new reality: (How) do you direct the attention of your future customers so that the reality you want emerges in their perception?
  • Don't turn us off: Don't even start explaining redundant crap that already exists a thousandfold on the Internet.
  • More WOW! Effects: Does your digital content have at least two or three WOW! Effects? If not, there is something to be done.
  • The perfect length of text: ... there is not any. Texts can be as long as they are cool and interesting. And then a tad shorter.
  • Divisibility in social networks: Too much to put in one sentence in the summary. If your digital content is not shared on social networks, then read the full version of this text. ;-)
  • Your aim: With what intention do you write this content? Before you start writing, give yourself some thought.
  • Straight into the brain: Where is the emotional Component in your digital content? Unavailable? Then there is something to be done. Without emotion there is no action.
  • Holistic (aka "holistic"): Does your digital content deal with different perspectives and viewing levels?
  • Dynamize: Deliver people exactly what fits their context. And nothing else.
  • Term weighting: Create excellent content that is for people and Search engines are optimally understandable.
  • speed: The faster your digital content loads, the better!


Would you like more knowledge and tools for creating digital content?

Then there is the "condensate" of my online marketing experience: