Why is Quora so amazing to you

Quora. Questions and social media.

Quora is almost a must for this blog - that's why I won't post a deep reflection, but simply describe what Quora is.

It's a social network like Facebook or Twitter. However, the focus is on questions that users can ask or answer. It looks like this at the beginning:

Quora home page, January 25, 2010

The questions are all in English. You can follow questions, i.e. see which answers are given. In addition, one can find answers as good or bad, which shifts their position for other users.

Thom Nagy writes about the strength of Quora:

In contrast to conventional social networks, the social graph is linked to an interest graph, so that the user receives content recommendations based on two vectors, which dramatically increases the general accuracy of hits.

It is astonishing that the basic idea is not a new one. Services such as Yahoo Answers or gutefrage.net have been plowing the question / answer field more or less successfully for a long time. And Facebook has been launching a similar product for a while.

Thom Nagy also referred me to this truly astonishingly answered question; which I then implemented like this:

Facebook Philippe Wampfler, January 2011

What convinces me about Quora is that attention is paid to the quality of the content. Before asking a question, you have to complete a kind of competence test in which you have to show that you understand how Quora works. So you can generally say that the quality is quite high on Quora.

Yesterday I came across a satire site that makes fun of the Quora hype: Cwora.

(This post was edited on January 25th because the links to the images stored on the web were broken. Some content was modified.)

I like it:

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