What makes an artist unique

Places of creativity Where art is made - studios are so unique

Theatrical painting students work on a large scale. The floor, which is strewn with stains of color, is covered with a film on which large strips of fabric lie. On the walls hang 3-meter rulers and brushes that look like brooms in their dimensions. The brochures, as the pictures in theater painting are called, are up to 70 square meters in size, so that they later appear in the theater from a distance. A wide variety of materials are imitated on the thin nettle fabric. For the theater audience, illusions of stone, wood, metal or a forest are created here. Above all, people work together here, the large-format sets are teamwork. "People always work together in the painting room," explains Lea, one of the students. "Especially when you paint large brochures that are ten by seven meters. You can't do that well on your own."

Space is also required in the studio of the costume design students at the University of Fine Arts (HfBK) in Dresden. Mannequins wear unfinished suits and dresses, several sewing tables are ready, measuring tapes hang on the walls. In their studios, students have designed costumes on the subject of "Bloom and fade, bloom and disintegrate". Cactus, artichoke and pear blossom become human through her work and need space to unfold their splendor - in the studio as on the stage.