What's so great about London

Tips for London in autumn

Our Short trips in autumn are almost a tradition. After Dortmund, Prague and Tuscany in previous years, this time it went to the UK's capital, London. Why you don't necessarily have to worry about the weather and which ones Tips for London I brought it with me for you in the fall, you read here.

The weather in London

Our biggest fear of flying to London at the end of October was that it would be really lousy, foggy and humid Autumn weather could have. Well, when we got there it actually drizzled a bit, but that was about it. The remaining three days were almost continuously in her most beautiful autumn dress! Sunshine, 17 Β° C, picnic in the park - we really had golden autumn days Caught. So leave your concerns about wet and cold weather at home! The weather in London in October can be really great!

Tips for London

We used the 4 days in London (well, actually 3, if you skip the break-up day of arrival) really well, and looked at a lot. You can experience London especially when you go for a walk and let yourself be carried away by the city. Although we also traveled a lot by bus and subway and stopped at places a few times, we covered 80,000 steps (approx. 54 kilometers) in the 4 days in London!

1. London from above

Even if it doesn't fall under Insider Tips for London, take a ride on the London Eye had to be easy for us. It's a great way London from above to see. The price for this ride on the Ferris wheel is not cheap, but the view is really nice.

We shopped online Combined ticket for the London Eye and a Thames boat trip and paid the equivalent of 40 €. But since this is not a fast lane ticket and the queue was really eternal, we bought the fast lane option on site at the Eye. If you can wait, you don't need to, but if you only spend four days in London, you don't want to stand in line for hours, do you?

2. A cruise on the Thames

My London tips also include oneShipping on the Thames. This is how you look at London from a different perspective, and when you go to sea you really get the best view of it Tower bridge! There is also valuable information about all the buildings around the banks of the Thames. It's also super relaxing to cruise along the water in the sunshine πŸ™‚.

3. Shopping in London

Although I'm not really a shopping queen, I couldn't help myself in London. The multitude of impressive ones is too tempting Shopping streets with shopping malls and relevant brand shops. And even if I have to come out as a branded pig at this point - the selection of Converse shoes is nowhere as large and ingenious as here πŸ˜€! Hence my London tip for you: plan a little more money and let yourself be carried away by the shopping fever!

So you can enjoy the Oxford Street stroll down and indulge in the hustle and bustle of the big city. Those who prefer it a little more authentic are on the Camden High Street In good hands. It's especially pretty in Notting Hill, where you can walk through the Portobello Road can shop.

Jessica fromYummytraveltook a closer look at the Portobello Road Market for you. Click yourself in!

We also have the posh department store Harrods looked at and even found a few things that we could afford πŸ˜‰. In any case, it is an unparalleled decadent experience to stroll through the floors - and to be delighted with scents and hand creams at the toilet!

4. Off to a museum

You save the money you spend shopping when you enter the Museums. Most of the big museums like the National History Museum or the British Museum are namely free!

A visit to the National Army Museum. Anyone who thinks that this is about heroizing and romanticizing soldiers and war is wrong. In multimedia exhibitions, the soldier's profession, war propaganda, war materials and the history of British war participation are presented critically and very touchingly. By the way, admission is free here too!

5. St. Paul's Cathedral

In contrast to the museums, entry into London's famous churches is pretty juicy. Westminster Abbey costs around € 25, and a visit to St. Paul's Cathedral costs around € 20. To see both was too expensive for us, so we decided on the second one.

So we have thatSt. Paul's Cathedral paid a visit. It is a really beautiful church where you can forget the time because there is so much to see in there. The church is accessible to visitors from the crypt almost to the top. Usually from the "Golden Gallery" at the top you also have a great view of the city. Unfortunately, this was closed for renovation work at the time of our visit.

6. Explore London's parks

One of the most important London tips is definitely a visit to the beautiful parks of the British capital. These have a very special charm, especially in autumn. When the colorful leaves fall from the trees and rustle under your feet, while the mild autumn sun shines from the sky, you can rightly be happy!

So we are through the beautiful avenue in autumn Hyde Park strolls. in the St. James Park we were not only impressed by its pretty design, but also by the trusting squirrels. These eat out of your hand without hesitation and are just too cute to look at! By the way: if you are looking for savings tips for London, you can do the following: just have a picnic in the park to get some food on the way. With such nice weather you can still do it at the end of October!

7. Just stroll around London

We have most of it during ours walks considered. In addition to the sights mentioned above, we passed the House of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, the Tower Brigde and the Soho district.

So one of my top tips for London is to just go ahead and go for it to let drift. London is full of beautiful sights that are easy to discover "on the side". We also took a lot of time to do this Gastro scene to explore in London πŸ™‚.

8. Delicious food in London

I have never seen a city like this in one place many different cuisines united like London. The high density of Italian and Asian restaurants is particularly striking, but if you want, you can also enjoy excellent Afghan or Mexican food here.

One way to experience the hip up-and-coming catering scene here in London is to do it in one way Market to go - there are countless of them in here. On the advice of our blogger colleague Klaus from Hard Rock Travels, we decided to put those in Camden Lock visited and were fascinated by the variety and good quality of the food on the stands. So forget about all the street food markets you might know from your city and head to a real one in London πŸ˜‰.

If you decide to have a picnic in the park and like sushi, I can recommend the sushi chain Wasabi recommend. There are warm and cold Asian dishes to take away in good quality. Just keep an eye out for their bright green stalls!

Of course, we didn't miss out on bars and pubs either, since in London you not only eat well, but also drink well. If you are interested in our bar & pub tips for London, take a look.

Pro London tip: avoid planning mistakes!

Both in London itself and a few days before that, we noticed that we were in the Planning this trip made a few mistakes. As a memo to myself and as a warning to you, I would like to tell you about these.

  • TheSky Garden,A bar including a garden high up with a view over the city is one of the top tips for London. Anyone who wants to get in must reserve a free ticket in good time. I knew about the online reservation, but unfortunately I was way too late a few days before the trip. So make a reservation for the Sky Garden after booking your flight!

  • The same is with us Harry Potter Studios happens. Unfortunately, I recklessly went to the homepage much too late to buy tickets. I would not have got the next possible one until a week after our trip - a shame, because actually as a Harry Potter fan I was really looking forward to it. But there has to be a reason to come back, right? πŸ˜‰

  • Comfortable as we are, of course we only packed casual clothes, and when we researched the "Aqua Shard"(A bar in the largest building in London, the" Shard ") found that we will not have access there with our cozy Converse kicks. Well, next time take fine shoes with you (if someone wants to say that we could have bought something nice: No, because the space in the hand luggage case was already reserved for more Converse πŸ˜‰)

  • As already described above, you already have a ticket online for the London Eye bought, but not Fast Lane Ticket. When we spotted the endless queue at the non-fast lane entrance, we were about to whistle. Luckily we found a counter where you can upgrade the existing tickets for 10 pounds to Fast Lane tickets. But the next time you book popular sights, it's better to book this way!

  • We had previously stayed in other cities with lockers at the train station for that Baggage drop had already had good experiences, and we fatally assumed that this would not be a problem here either. Well - thought wrong. At our departure point Victoria Station there was the possibility to drop off the luggage. However, this is at a counter supervised by people, because the lockers were abolished here some time ago. That costs - and so we paid no less than 50 pounds (57 €) for 4.5 hours of delivery for 4 small suitcases. I really call that a decent rip-off! So if you don't want to lug your luggage through the city, you should find alternatives in good time. The next time we will take a hotel near the train station where we can leave the suitcases until we leave.

Finally, an anecdote

Do you know such actions that you will be talking about in many years? Often there are more or less tragic mishaps that luckily one can laugh about in retrospect. We now have one more story that falls into this category! It would go beyond the scope to tell this story in detail, but in short: we couldn't find the key to our AirBnb apartment and the landlord couldn't be reached! Hungry and rather annoyed, we sat in a pub where, as we could read later, the β€œKitchen closed” was.

After a short break and reflection, we decided to look for a hotel nearby and we were really lucky! The Eurotraveller Premier Hotel is a bit out of the center and not exactly in a nice area, but the rooms are absolutely ok and the breakfast buffet is good. With a little bit of negotiation, we were able to get a really good price and thus ultimately paid less, including breakfast, than we would have paid for the apartment. At this point, I would also like to positively highlight the contact with AirBnb, who of course canceled our booking and refunded the money after a small time window in which they wanted to reach the landlord.

So we found a really good solution to our problem on the same day and were able to enjoy the great, sunny days in London with satisfaction and let this great city completely under its spell. On the flight home we were pretty sure: we'll be back πŸ™‚.

London - Psychological Effects of the Trip

I could lose myself: At Harrods! So many floors, so much confusion, so much to shop, so little money πŸ™

That's where I found myself: When I was sailing on the Thames, I noticed once again how much I love being on the water

Particularly intense impression: The touching depictions of soldier life with all its dark sides in the National Army Museum

Learning experience for me: There really is a solution for every problem! Everything will be fine πŸ™‚

Three main feelings on this trip: Aliveness, inner restlessness, serenity

Useful information

London has four airports - Heathrow, Stansted, Gatwick and Luton. Since we flew with Easyjet, we arrived in Luton. It is advisable to take one of the transfer buses from Luton Airport to London. We booked ours with Green Lineonline in advance. It's so easy to get into town for Β£ 5.

We booked the combined ticket for the London Eye and the Thames cruise here.

Accommodation and book tips for London *

So that you don't feel the same way as us, it's best to look for a great hotel on Booking.com πŸ˜‰


* Affiliate link. Here I refer to flights, hotels, services or products that I am convinced of, that are and have been helpful to me. Why? On the one hand, I like to pass on my positive experiences, on the other hand, it improves my travel budget a little if you buy something via my blog. It doesn't cost you any more, but I get a small commission.

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