What do the best friends do

What can you do with your best friend?

Are you looking for a suitable birthday present for your best friend? How about a "bucket list" of activities that she must have experienced with you up to her 30th birthday? Here you will find 30 things that you can do with your best friend and that you should have put into practice by your 30th birthday at the latest!

Your best friend and you - you are inseparable! After all, you have already experienced a lot together, went through ups and downs together. Even if you've been best friends since childhood, there are definitely a few things you both haven't done as a couple. We know what you can do with your best friend and have the perfect to-do list for you and your significant other!

What can you do with your best friend?

You can of course adjust or expand the bucket list up to the 30th for you and your best friend - the main thing is that you both have a lot of fun!

  1. Have a cake fight.
  2. Spontaneously drive to the sea at night and watch the sunrise.
  3. Take a weekend trip to Las Vegas.
  4. Bathing nude in the open air pool at night.
  5. Buy lots of unhealthy food and run a series marathon.
  6. Go on a night hike for two.
  7. Try on evening dresses in the posh department store and take photos.
  8. Dare to do a tandem bungee jump.
  9. Visit the best restaurant in town and play princess in a bad-taste look.
  10. Say “yes” to everything for a day.
  11. Spend a weekend at the amusement park and ride every roller coaster.
  12. Dancing on the street in really heavy summer rain.
  13. Experience a day disguised as men.
  14. Choose an extreme outfit and storm the podium in a village disco.
  15. Fly business or first class.
  16. Conjure a snow angel naked.
  17. Visit at least five capital cities in the world.
  18. Organize a slumber party.
  19. Blaring out a theatrical duet in a karaoke bar.
  20. Plant a friendship tree.
  21. Try a crazy hair color - e.g. B. Blue.
  22. Have your girlfriend call you during the interview, get up and leave.
  23. Bathe in a tub full of liquid chocolate.
  24. Do a photo shoot.
  25. Couch surfing in a strange city.
  26. Add graffiti art to a gray phone case in the city.
  27. Run through the Brandeburger Tor and make a wish.
  28. Solve the Rubik's Cube.
  29. Drive to the airport and get on the next plane.
  30. Participate in a flash mob.
Is she really your best friend?

What can you do with your best friend? You see, the selection is huge! You and your best friend may already be able to tick off one or the other company on our bucket list. Do you have other things to do with your best friend? We are curious and look forward to your ideas and suggestions in the comments! By the way, here you can test whether she really is your best friend! You can of course also create a bucket list with anyone else you love and that without any "age limit".

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