Which religion corresponds to the signs of the zodiac

Is Our Life Predestined? Does what happens to us happen according to iron laws? Or is there real freedom of choice? It is undeniable that there are many factors that shape us before we can make our own decisions. Our genetic makeup, the dynamics of our family system, our upbringing. One of the most difficult tasks in life is to become "your own person" in spite of everything.

Astrology says: Beyond the above, we are determined by cosmic laws. What happens on earth corresponds to the movements and constellations of the sun, moon and planets. The natal horoscope is of the greatest importance: the position of the main stars at the minute I was born, the position of the sun at that moment decides in which of the twelve zodiac signs I was born.

Equally important is the "ascendant", the zodiac sign in the sky that "rises" on the eastern horizon when I am born. It also marks the first of twelve "houses". What matters is which planets are in each of these houses at the time of birth. In addition, the relationships between the zodiac signs, the ascendant and houses, and between the planets, play an important role in the interpretation of the horoscope.

Today's astrology is primarily about the character of the soul

Modern astrology is based on an ancient wisdom doctrine developed by the Babylonians. In the past, astrology was mainly used to predict the future. Today, serious astrology is primarily a science of the soul. Wulfing von Rohr, a well-known astrologer, writes:

"The horoscope does not say when a person dies, whether he will become famous or become terminally ill. A horoscope is no substitute for personal thinking, feeling and experience, for independent decisions, and also not for prayer and meditation. A horoscope shows in Possibilities based on personality and on cosmic time cycles within which they can develop. "

Astrology is controversial in Christianity

Astrology was mostly controversial among Christians. Luther refused them; his colleague Melanchthon, on the other hand, was an enthusiastic supporter. What does the bible say In the First (Old) Testament there are several critical remarks on star Germanism. The creation story, which was written in Babylonian exile, disrespectfully calls the sun, moon and stars, who are worshiped as gods by the Babylonians, "lamps". In the Joseph and Daniel stories, the royal court astrologers are incapable of interpreting the royal dreams, while Joseph and Daniel are capable of accurate interpretations solely because of their relationship with God. Leviticus 19 is warned against questioning "interpreters of signs".

The situation seems clear. But then suddenly in the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 2, there is the story of the "magicians" from the east who, due to an astrological constellation, set out to pay homage to the newborn king of the Jews. We know today that there was a three-time "conjunction" of Jupiter and Saturn in the constellation of Pisces. The Babylonians regarded Saturn as the planet of Israel, Jupiter as the royal star and the constellation of Pisces marked the end of the world. The heavenly event therefore meant: The king of the end times will be born in Israel.

With this information the magicians come to King Herod. There they learn about the Old Testament prophecy that foresees Bethlehem as the birthplace of the Messiah. After they have found Jesus, an angel of God appears to them in a dream and sends them home on a different route because Herod is trying to kill the child. Quite naturally, this text assumes that the birth of Christ was actually "in the stars". Shepherds and magicians were the first to worship him.

Responsibility rests with each individual

If God used the stars to lead the wise to Jesus, then astrology cannot be utter nonsense. Could there really be mysterious connections between "above" and "below", of which the ancient wisdom of astrology knows something? Then it would definitely be important that Christians do not demonize from the outset those who are looking for clarification of the world in this way.

Whether a Christian can consult an astrologer for advice must be decided by the individual with his / her own conscience. The Bible clearly warns against any form of prophecy. Our future is in God's hands and, in a sense, is none of our business.

The story of the magicians also suggests that astrology has only led them to a certain important point. After the encounter with the divine they go home on a "different path" - guided by God's angels.

Those who are in Christ have overcome the old laws

The following story is said to have really happened one way or another: An astrologer and a pastor who rejected astrology are said to have met in a prisoner of war camp. The astrologer offered to make a horoscope for the pastor so that he could say in retrospect whether there was something "on". To the astonishment of the pastor, the astrologer's interpretations for the first 18 years of life were right down to the last detail. But then everything went wrong. The astrologer asked: "Was there a special event in your 18th year?" And the pastor said; "Yes, at that time I found a personal relationship of faith with Christ!"

The encounter with the living Christ is always characterized by the fact that constraints and entanglements are loosened. That is why the New Testament warns against being overly fascinated by cosmic laws. The Letter to the Colossians calls it "a shadow of what was to come: reality appeared in Christ" (Col. 2:17). The Indian meditation teacher Rajinder Singh says that astrology "only affects those who are under the influence of the stars, but for those who are under the care of masters who have already crossed the starry heavens, the predictions prove to be incorrect . "

How much more is this true of those who are under the care of Christ, who is the Master of all Masters and of whom it is said: "He who descended is the same who ascended over all the heavens to fill the universe" (Ephesians 4.10). Whoever is in Christ is ultimately no longer subject to the old laws - and these include the power of the stars.