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Game of Thrones: Stannis Baratheon, the true heir to the throne

Biography of Stannis Baratheon

Stannis Baratheon is the brother of King Robert Baratheon in Game of Thrones. After Robert's death, Stannis learns through a letter from Eddard Stark that Joffrey is not Robert's son. Stannis tries to enforce his rightful claim to the throne by force. He fails in Winterfell of all places. Find out more here.

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Stannis to Davos

At the beginning of Game of Thrones, Stannis is the Lord of Drachenstein. As the second oldest Baratheon, he would have actually been granted the reign of Storm Cape, the traditional land of the Baratheons. However, as King Robert decided to install his youngest brother Renly as Lord of Storm's Cape. Stannis accuses his brother of this until the end, but supports him nonetheless in his reign.

  1. Stannis has his brother killed
  2. Rush to King's Landing
  3. Stannis sacrifices her own daughter
Stannis Baratheon
SurnameStannis Baratheon
NicknameSon of fire
titleKing of the Andals and the First Men
Lord of Drachenstein
Lord of Storm's Cape
Stormlands Highlord
Master of the Ships
originStorm Cape
religionBelief in the seven (formerly)
Lord of Light
parentsSteffon Baratheon (father)
Cassana Baratheon (mother)
siblingsRobert Baratheon (brother)
Renly Baratheon (brother)
Spouse / partnerSelyse Florent (wife)
Melisandre (mistress)
childrenShireen Baratheon
AffiliationHouse Baratheon von Drachenstein
Game of Thrones_Stannis Baratheon

After the death of King Robert, Sannis Baratheon is the true heir to the throne. In a letter from Ned Stark in Game of Thrones season 1, he learns that Joffrey is the son of Cersei and Jaime Lannister.

Stannis has his brother killed

Together with his ally Melisandre, a priestess of the Lord of Light, he prepares to seize power. Melisandre gives birth to a shadow creature who kills his brother Renly in GoT Season 2, who also claimed the throne.

Rush to King's Landing

He then attacks King's Landing with a large fleet, but is crushed by Tyrion's thoughtful defense and the surprise return of Tywin and the Tyrells. To find new allies, he makes his way to the Night Watch. There he negotiates with Jon Schnee and the Wildlings, but there is no alliance against Ramsay Bolton, who occupies Winterfell, in Game of Thrones season 4 and GoT season 5.

Eventually, Stannis wants to recapture Winterfell from the Boltons in order to regain the heart of the north. But due to the heavy snowstorms on the way there, his army is quickly decimated and exhausted.

Stannis sacrifices her own daughter

Melisandre reveals to him that they would have to sacrifice Stanni's daughter Shireen in order to receive the favor of the Lord of Light. After the innocent girl is burned in front of everyone, Stanni's army falls apart completely.

The Boltons army overruns the remaining troops. Stannis sinks down on a tree and is seriously injured. There he is found by Brienne von Tarth and sentenced to death for killing Renly Baratheon. He does not defend himself and is beheaded by her.

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