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How To Increase Quora Traffic To Your Website In 2020

Are you struggling to increase traffic to your websites? It is always frustrating not to see website traffic even though you are working hard to create great content.

"Build it will come" does NOT apply to most online businesses. You have to work hard to promote your content so that others can read it (and hopefully buy something from you).

However, not all traffic sources are created equal. You need to find a platform that will attract “targeted visitors” to your website so that you get more conversions in addition to traffic.

This is where Quora comes in. Quora is the premier Q&A (question and answer) platform that has tons of useful information on a wide variety of topics from missiles to nanotechnology to real estate and what not?

The best thing about Quora is that it allows you to share your knowledge with others and add links to your own website. All in all, Quora can be a great platform for bloggers and marketers to drive a ton of traffic to their websites.

Are you looking for a video tutorial? I also made a video tutorial on Quora hacks to improve your traffic. You need to check if you want to get better results on the Quora platform:

Here is a detailed guide on how to use Quora to increase your website traffic in 2020. Let's get started with no fuss.

Table of Contents

  • The ultimate beginner's guide to increasing Quora traffic to your sites
  • Why You Should Use Quora: Top 10 Benefits
  • How To Increase Quora To Boost Your Website Traffic And Sales From The Ground Up
    • Define your goals for Quora
    • Find your target audience
    • Choose your questions intelligently
    • Stand out from the crowd on Quora
    • Promote your products strategically to increase sales
    • Become the most viewed writer
  • How do we find specific questions to answer Quora?
    • Good followers and response ratio
    • Top traffic responses from other people
    • Use SEMrush to find high traffic pages for topics of interest
    • Quora posts that ranked for our target keywords in Google search
  • Top 10 Tips for Writing Great Quora Answers to Get More Upvotes, Views, and Followers
  • FAQs on Boosting Quora Website Traffic
    • Final thoughts on increasing your website traffic from Quora in 2020

The ultimate beginner's guide to increasing Quora traffic to your sites

Why You Should Use Quora: Top 10 Benefits

If you're curious about why you should be using Quora in 2020 and beyond, here are some of the greatest benefits of using Quora.

1. Helps you find interesting blog topics

The important things first. If you're a blogger, Quora is a fantastic place to come up with tons of useful blog topic ideas. You can literally flip through millions of questions and answers on thousands of topics.

Whether you run a fitness, real estate, or technology blog, you can find dozens of useful content ideas to use on your blog. Just enter a topic of your choice and Quora will give you plenty of ideas.

Take a look at the example below.

As you can see above, we used the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) example and Quora immediately generated a lot of questions people were asking about SEO. You can scroll down and find hundreds of such questions to cover on your blog as you blog about SEO.

With Quora, you can create a ton of useful questions on almost any topic in seconds. You can then simply do keyword research on these topics to create content that will increase your search traffic.

2. Quora helps you become an authority

Do you want to create a very successful blog in the long term? Then focus on becoming an expert and an authority on your industry instead of looking for other metrics like traffic, sales, email subscribers, etc.

Why? That way, you can increase your online presence, attract the right people, and gain people's trust. These are the things that emerge as byproducts when you become an authority on a niche or a particular subject.

Quora gives you a great platform to express your thoughts and establish yourself as an authority in your niche. Just make sure you pick a few selected topics that you have skills and experience in and start writing responses. The more views and followers you get through Quora, the faster you can become an expert on your chosen topics.

3. Increases your website sales

Did you know that Quora can really be helpful in increasing your website sales? Did you know we made some money with Quora?

Take a look at the screenshot below.

As you can see above, we made $ 100 for a sign-up that came from one of the Quora responses.

That's how it worked. Someone read one of the answers we posted on Quora. They liked it so much that they immediately used one of the affiliate links included in this post to buy hosting from Bluehost.

This is how we generated a successful affiliate sale that made us $ 100. So it really is a great way to grow your website revenue and overall Quora affiliate sales.

All in all, use Quora to post great answers (make sure they are extremely useful to your target audience), add links to your own posts for people to read (add affiliate links, if you want but don't add them all sit back and relax!

4. Improves your writing skills

Quora can be a great platform to improve your writing skills. We all know that blogging requires excellent writing skills. The more compelling your blog posts are, the more popular they become.

In order to write great blog posts, you need to get into the habit of writing almost every day. This is where a platform like Quora comes in, where you can write answers on your favorite topics. Best of all, you also get applause in the form of upvotes, new followers, and comments (if your answers are really helpful to others on Quora).

If you want to use Quora to improve your writing skills as a blogger, write almost every day (even if you don't want to publish, as you can save and edit your Quora answers as drafts or publish them at any time).

Also, follow other Quorans who write great answers with stunning writing styles, as you can learn so much from reading "great writing."

5. Introduce you to a new audience

Did you know that Quora has over 300 million monthly active users? That's a HUGE number considering that Quora is a Q&A platform and the number of active users is growing rapidly every month.

There are also more than 400,000 topics on Quora, covering a wide range of subjects, from science to technology to fitness and so on. What do these statistics tell you? If you actively participate in Quora, you can reach a ton of new audiences.

Take a look at the screenshot below.

As you can see above, Quora brought us over 3000 new visitors to the website within a year. While it's not a BIG number, it definitely has a lot of people coming to our site from Quora, which is great.

Reaching a new audience is the best way to increase your awareness online, build your brand, and improve your overall authority as a blogger. What are you waiting for? Pick a few topics that interest you and start writing to attract new audiences to your website.

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6. Helps you connect with influencers

One of the top reasons to use Quora is to connect with other influencers in your industry. Not just in your industry, but you can find and connect with most of the influencers, from the Prime Minister of Canada to the CEO of Quora to Robert Frost (who works at NASA).

If you find out about the popular users of Quora (based on their followers), here is the list for you.

  • Balaji Viswanathan has 506,411 followers (he is an Indian and the number 1 most followed Quora on the platform)
  • Adam D'Angelo has 398,595 followers (he's the one behind Quora, the CEO)
  • Jimmy Wales has 376,204 followers
  • Richard Muller has 272,311 followers
  • Robert Frost has 249,869 followers
  • Awdhesh Singh has 249,786 followers
  • James Altucher has 236,661 followers
  • Roman Saini has 206,852 followers
  • Justin Trudeau has 192,281 followers
  • Dushka Zapata has 187,644 followers

The above number of followers increases based on how often they post new (and helpful) replies, so they change accordingly.

So, if you really want to connect with an influencer, Quora can be a great place for you. From CEOs to founders to small business owners, you can literally connect with just about anyone.

7. Quora is a treasure trove for knowledge

Reading an answer and creating a useful answer for your audience is far more productive than browsing through pictures and liking them on sites like Facebook.

Your time will be better spent on Quora compared to other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Sites like Facebook are where you find unwanted junk (including photos or videos or other people's funny things) and fill your brain with useless things.

While Quora is a platform where you can find a lot of interesting things that can actually help you learn something new and useful. To put it simply, Quora makes you smart.

8. Quora helps you find the right answers

It doesn't matter if you are Quora for research or use to troubleshoot problems, it helps you get the best answers and great information in one place. There are many experts from different industries, including dental, science and technology, who provide their wisdom and share it with other users on Quora.

If you are a blogger there is so much helpful information to be found on the topics that your blog is about to cover. So, you can use Quora for research, new ideas and strategies, and so on.

If you still can't find answers or better answers to a particular question or topic, you can post a question yourself (either using your name or anonymously). If the question is interesting enough, it will definitely provide some great answers in the future.

9. Helps you get mentions from top sites

Would you like to be featured on major websites like Forbes, The Huffington Post, Time, Business Times, etc.? Quora can help you with that.

Why? Since most of the top online publications like Forbes generally rely on authority platforms like Quora to republish few excellent Quora answers.

In fact, Forbes has a separate category that regularly posts useful Quora responses (which also gives you credit by being linked to your Quora profile). This is what it looks like;

Forbes has a separate news section called "Quora Contributor" that gathers information from Quora and publishes the best responses from the platform by crediting the original Quora response.

Not only that, once your answer is posted on such top websites, Quora will also display it publicly in your credentials.

Take a look at it;

As you can see above, not only will your response appear on your Forbes badge (or any other posting), but it will also appear in the Published Author section of your Quora profile.

We all know how difficult it is to get featured on top publishing platforms like Forbes, Slate, HuffPost, etc. In fact, it is very expensive to be featured (delete name or link to your website) as it will cost you thousands of dollars.

However, Quora makes it easy for you to present yourself on these websites for free if your answers are really good. Make sure your answers have no typos or grammatical errors and establish yourself as an authority on Quora to land on top sites like Forbes.

Here are some proven ways to get your Quora answers featured on top websites like Forbes.

Follow the top writers on Quora: First of all, you need to find and follow top writers on Quora. Quora shows the "Top Writer" tag for all top writers along with the years they were the top writers. Did you know that most of the responses from top authors are posted on top publishing sites like Forbes, The HuffPost, etc.?

If you follow Quora's top writers, you can find all the answers they get on top sites like Forbes. It will give you an idea of ​​what kind of questions or topics to choose from in the future.

While you don't have to be a Top Writer on Quora to be featured on top websites with your Quora responses, it helps you a lot. To become a "Top Writer" you must first be an expert on a few key topics (categories) and provide useful answers on these topics on a regular basis.

There are no rules of thumb for becoming a top writer on Quora, but it can help to write great answers (without adding duplicate content), master the English script well, and be in line with your answers.

Write technical answers: Did you know that sites like Forbes are more geared towards posting Quora answers that are mostly technology related? Yes that's true. You can go through the Forbes Quora section and find that most of the Quora answers Forbes picks are related to technology.

So find trending topics or questions about technology. If you provide authoritative answers, you stand a high chance of getting featured on sites like Forbes.

Contact people who have already been introduced: This is a lesser known tip, but it works very well. You need to make a list and reach out to everyone whose answers have already been posted on top sites like Forbes. Make sure these contacts cover topics similar to yours.

You can follow these authors, connect with them on social media, regularly vote or comment on their Quora responses to access their radar. Once you've made a little connection you can message them and ask for tips on how to get featured on these websites. It's simple but works like a charm.

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10. Quora helps you make money

Did you know you can make money directly from Quora? Yes, the Quora Affiliate Program (which started last year i.e. 2018) gives all Quora users the opportunity to make money from their answers.

How the Quora Affiliate Program works:

  • Asking questions (The more people want answers to their questions, and the better the answers to those questions, the more you earn. It's that simple.)
  • Help questions get answers (You can also request answers to questions from qualified writers on Quora, so you can help other helpful questions get useful answers.)
  • Get paid (you make money from advertising revenue from responses you create on Quora)

Check out the Quora earnings table below:

As you can see above, here is the review of Quora's top five earning partners.

  • $ 1,669.39 this week ($ 6,699.83 last month)
  • $ 1,461.35 this week ($ 1,920.17 last month)
  • $ 676.40 this week ($ 1,805.85 this last month)
  • $ 572.53 this week ($ 1,343.81 last month)
  • $ 542.83 this week ($ 2,431.16 last month)

You can clearly see that the highest income affiliates on Quora are making an average of $ 2,000 to $ 6,000 from Quora every month on average. That's a lot of money, isn't it?

What are you waiting for? Ask better questions and try to get better answers to those questions when you really know Quora make money want.

How To Increase Quora To Boost Your Website Traffic And Sales From The Ground Up

Do you want to get popular on Quora? Do you want to Use Quora to increase your website traffic ? Or do you want to increase your online sales? Here's what you need to know about stepping up Quora from the ground up.

Define your goals for Quora

The first step is to define your goals for Quora. What do you really want from Quora? Why are you going to use it

Here are some questions that can help simplify the Quora goal setting process.

  • Would you like more traffic from Quora to your website?
  • Do you want to increase your website sales?
  • Would you like to be noticed online?
  • Do you want to come up with new blog post ideas?
  • Would you like to connect with other bloggers through Quora?

Once you've figured out the goals that you want Quora to achieve, you can come up with a solid strategy to get more out of it. Otherwise, if you're just starting out without defining your goals, you'll use it for a few days and get back to normal things. So define your goals.

Once you've finished setting goals for Quora, the next thing you need to do to get started.

Step 1: Click here to sign in to Quora. You can also sign in by connecting to your Facebook account. It's completely free to sign up.

Step 2: Click the Find Quora option to enter your favorite topics or keywords and find and track new topics in Quora. You can also search for people, bloggers, or influencers in your niche to follow.

Keeping track of people and topics is extremely important as Quora gives you the go-ahead in your Quora feed with the same questions and answers that you follow. So, follow as many topics and people you are interested in as you can.

Step 3: Pick a question that interests you and answer it. When you have finished writing, click Publish. It goes live on Quora and your followers can see it. Anyone who is already following the question you answered will also be able to read your answer.

The more useful your answer, the more upvotes (similar to likes on Facebook) can be obtained. The more positive votes your answer gets, the more people will be able to see it (and if your Quora answer goes viral, which will ultimately help you get more followers).

So if you want more followers or awareness, your goal at Quora is to pick the right questions that interest you and answer some really helpful answers.

Find your target audience

Finding the audience can be difficult for other platforms but not for Quora, as it's extremely easy to define your audience so you can better serve them by providing good answers.

Let's say you're mainly talking about SEO. You can easily start finding your target audience by entering that keyword or topic into Quora search.

The people who asked and answered these questions are your target audience. It's that simple, isn't it?

Make sure to include more related keywords or the topics you want to target to find more people interested in those specific topics. Once you are done with this, it is time for you to understand the wants and needs of your target audience.

Here are some questions to ask yourself in order to understand the needs of your target audience.

  • What does my target group ask?
  • What problems are they facing?
  • What do you really want?

Here you go. Once you've figured out your audience and their needs, your answers to Quora will help you serve them better.

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Choose your questions intelligently

Want to quickly improve your response views on Quora, get more upvotes, and get a ton of new followers?

Then try asking questions with most of your followers.

Yes, that's the trick with choosing Quora questions if you really want to get more upvotes, views, comments, followers, etc.

There is one caveat. Since you select "popular questions with the most followers" to answer, you will already find a lot of interesting and useful answers on the respective topics.

So it will be a challenge for you.

Make sure so sure that you give the best possible answer.

Otherwise, picking questions on most of your followers is not beneficial because even if you get more views on your questions, no one will leave a positive rating if your answers are not helpful to them. As simple as that.

Stand out from the crowd on Quora

If you're wondering how to stand out from other answers on Quora, here are some simple yet effective tips for you.

Adding unique and correct credentials for each topic: With Quora allows you to display credentials right next to your profile name when posting a response. It gives other people on Quora (including your followers) an idea of ​​your expertise.

This is what it looks like;

As you can see above, one of my Quora responses includes "I make $ 10,000 a month Affiliate Marketing" credentials. This credential will only be used when I write affiliate marketing replies.

With Quora, you can change your login information at any time. If you'd like to update the default credentials used for all responses on a specific topic, just go to your Quora profile and click the "Edit" link next to the Credentials and Highlights section. You can then click the Edit option, enter any credentials, and select Set As Default. You are done!

Do not copy responses to paste: Most bloggers believe that they can copy, paste, and use their own Quora answers in other relevant questions about Quora. This is a bad approach as you can get banned because of plagiarism issues. It is better NOT to reuse your own blog posts. Write original responses to protect yourself from future Quora penalties.

Use your own picture and create an interesting bio: When you have finished registering with Quora, upload your own picture (gravatar) and make sure you create an interesting bio for other people to read and click on the links you provided.

Make sure to include the following on your Quora bio.

  • Try to include your work experience (blogging experience or previous experience, skills, etc.).
  • Link your blogs and social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, etc. so your Quora followers can easily connect with you through social media
  • If you have guest posts for other websites be sure to include them as this will help you create social evidence that works like a charm
  • Add your best answers to Quora (which generated more positive votes, comments, etc.)

Creating a blog on Quora: The best way to stand out from other users on Quora is to blog as most of the users only write replies. Just make sure you have enough followers on your Quora profile (at least 5,000-10,000 followers) to build momentum from there.

To create a blog on Quora, you can do the following:

  • Click your profile picture in the upper right corner of Quora
  • Select "Blogs" from the drop-down area
  • Click the "Create Blog" button
  • Enter your blog name, URL, and description
  • Click Create Blog.

That's it, you're done. Now you can post anything you want on your blog. Whoever follows your blog (followers) will be notified when you post something new.

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Promote your products strategically to increase sales

Fortunately, Quora lets you sell almost anything, be it your own products or partner products, as you can easily add links to your Quora responses.

But here's the thing: make sure you are promoting your products strategically if you want to increase sales. Here are some quick tips on how to smartly promote your partner products on Quora.

Help before selling: If you want to make money on Quora by selling your products, you must first develop a mindset: "Help first, sell then". Don't sell hard. Don't promote yourself. Instead, help people with their answers and try to find ways to include your products where they naturally fit.

Don't throw too many products on: A big mistake most people make when promoting something on Quora is that they are promoting too many products at the same time. Do not do that. Whenever you're writing a Quora answer, it's always better to talk about a product or two and provide links to buy than to talk about 10 products with affiliate links at once.

Use an appropriate ratio: Quora should maintain an appropriate content-to-advertising ratio if you want to strategically promote your products. You can keep a ratio of 3: 1 or 5: 1 (that is, for every 3 educational answers you write on Quora, you can write 1 promotional mail that contains links to your products, e.g. affiliate links).

Become the most viewed writer

The good thing about replying to Quora regularly is that if your answers bring in more positive voices and views, you can become a most viewed writer.

The best way to get more followers and become a Quora celebrity is to become the most viewed writer on as many topics as possible.

Quora shows you the top 10 authors with the most responses in the past 30 days. This is what it looks like;

As you can see above, I'm the second most popular blogging author. I have written over 100 blogging replies that have received over 10,000 views in the last 30 days.

The more views you get on a particular topic, the faster you can get to the most viewed author for that topic. As simple as that.

How can you become the most viewed writer on Quora? Here are some excellent tips that work like a charm.

Choose a topic or two: The key to that most viewed author badges Getting for Quora is to pick a few topics to start with. Finding a topic or two that you're interested in (or able to write about) instead of picking random questions from the Quora feed is a smart idea.

So, pick a topic or two to write about (follow those topics) and check back regularly for questions worth answering.

Write at least 3 answers on a topic: Most Quora users don't realize that “you must have at least 3 answers on the topic” in order to be considered the most viewed author on that particular topic. While this rule does not apply to trending topics, it is the general rule that Quora algorithms primarily follow.

Know how it all works: Before you start thinking about getting into the most watched writer slot for a topic, it's always better to know how it all works on Quora. Each question in Quora has one or more topics associated with it (e.g. SEO, link building, Google tricks, etc.).

When you answer a question and someone sees the answer, a view is instantly generated for each of the topics associated with that question. Likewise, all of the views for all of the answers you have written are grouped by topic.

For each topic, the top 10 authors who received the maximum number of views for their responses in the last 30 days are listed in the "Most Viewed Authors" section.

Since this is calculated every day, you can get out of the list and new people can join the list of Most Viewed Authors (depending on the number of views their responses get for a given topic). So let's go, this is how it works.

How do we find specific questions to answer Quora?

Want to know how we select Quora questions to answer? Picking the RIGHT questions to answer Quora is the easiest way to get more followers, upvotes, views, etc.

So if you're curious about how we can specifically answer questions about Quora, this section is exclusively for you.

But before we dive into the details, follow me on Quora first.

This is what my Quora profile looks like:

If you're curious, here's a list of some of my favorite Quora answers for you to read and rate if you find them useful.

  • How Much Can I Earn Blogging In India?
  • What is it like to earn 50 LPA in India?
  • What's the best way to get traffic to my affiliate blog?
  • How can I make a living starting an online business?
  • How do I make money online?

Now let's get started with no fuss.

Good followers and response ratio

One of the best ways to get more upvotes for your Quora answer is to pick the right ratio of followers and Quora answers.

For example, we're not going to answer a question that only has 1 follower but already has 10 answers. However, we prefer questions with 100 followers and only 25 answers.

Do you understand?

Let's show it using a real-time example on Quora.

We recently had an answer on Quora on "How Much Do You Make?" Released.

As you can see above, the question has around 120 followers (so many people are following the question to get an answer) while it only has 33 answers.

This is a great question to write a helpful answer as it not only has fewer answers but more followers as well.

If you can also go through our answer to the above question, you will find that the answer has already generated over 1000 views within 24 hours of posting (Quora publicly shows the number of views for responses).

The more views you get for your replies, the more popular it quickly becomes (which means you'll get more replies for your replies along with new followers).

Pick these questions with fewer answers and more followers . This is key to finding great questions that will help you get more upvotes, followers, comments, and views on your answers on Quora.

Top traffic responses from other people

One of the easiest and most powerful ways to find specific questions that can be answered on Quora is to find the "All Time Views" answer section of the most viewed authors on Quora.

For example, Neil Patel is the second most popular blogging author. If you go to his Quora profile and click on the “All Time Views” section, you will find a list of all the questions (along with his answers) that a large number of views pulled up.

This is what it looks like;

As you can see above, this is the easiest way to find useful Quora questions that can be answered. You can replicate the same strategy here too.

  • Pick a topic or two that you'd like to answer on Quora
  • Find the "Most Viewed Authors"
  • Visit all 10 Most Viewed Author Quora Profiles and click on the "All Time Views" section
  • Now just make a list of all the Quora questions you want to answer

That's it, you're done!

Use SEMrush to find high traffic pages for topics of interest

If you've followed Bloggers Passion for a while, you'll know that we use SEMrush a lot. In fact, we've been using it for 3 years and the reason is that it helps you with a ton of things including choosing great questions to answer on Quora.

If you'd like to try SEMrush, you can use the link below for a free trial.

Use this EXCLUSIVE link to get a 30-Get a one-day free trial of SEMrush Pro account (valued at $ 99.95).

Here's how to use SEMrush to ask great questions of Quora.

On SEMrush, go to Domain Analytics and enter SEMrush instantly provides you with organic research results for the domain.

Now just enter a topic or keyword that you want to answer on Quora.

This is what it looks like;

As you can see above, clicking the Pages section brings up all of the high traffic pages that are bringing more search traffic to Quora from search engines like Google.

By inserting "keywords" like WordPress (see example above), you can easily find high-traffic pages for topics that interest you. This is how we use SEMrush to find great questions about Quora.

You can also search for Quora by your favorite topics. Just make sure you figure out the right ration (which was detailed above) to find questions that have fewer answers but a good number of followers.

Quora posts that ranked for our target keywords in Google search

Did you know there are a ton of Quora topics and questions ranked in the Google SERP results? Most of them rank on the first page of Google search results.

Have a look at the following example.

As you can see above, when you type something like "How does SEO work", you'll see Quora questions (along with few more other questions on Quora, which are all related to that particular question).

By answering such type of Quora questions, you'll be able to get more visibility to your Quora answers from search engines.

If you can answer such questions where the Quora topics or questions are already featuring on Google results, you'll also get better link juice (by linking to your own posts while answering on Quora).

Again, make sure to find good followers to answers ratio questions so that your answers receive better results in terms of upvotes, comments and views if they are helpful.

Top 10 Tips for Writing Great Answers On Quora to Get More Upvotes, Views And Followers

Many people are asking how to write great answers on Quora that actually generate more upvotes, shares, comments, views and followers. If you're also one among them who's curious to find out how to write results generating answers on Quora, here are few solid tips for you that work like a charm.

1. Write long answers

Did you know that writing long answers on Quora can help you get more upvotes, followers, views etc? Yes that's true.

Gopalkrishna Vishwanath is a top writer on Quora, who has a HUGE number of followers of around 170,000 and he has been writing on Quora since 2015, so he knows what kind of answers can get more attention.

He shares one of his writing secrets for writing great answers on Quora.

Did you see that? He said, write more than 1950 words. That means, one of the top writers and most followed persons on Quora is suggesting to write longer answers of around 2000 words.

He also recommends us to simply choose a question on a topic you know something about. Write the best possible answer you can on Quora and forget about writing “perfect answers” ​​and make sure to do the routine grammatical checks before you publish an answer.

So there you go, if you really want to write answers on Quora that help you get more upvotes, views and followers, start writing long and detailed answers. Just make sure they are helpful, not full of junk!

2. Write killer introductions

If you want to write great answers on Quora, you must write attention grabbing introduction lines.

Why? Because the first few introduction lines help you immediately grab the attention of the readers on Quora. Since you are not a top writer or famous writer on Quora (whose answers are seen and read by most people just by seeing your name), it's so important to learn how to write captivating introduction lines.

Here are few simple yet most effective tips to write great introduction lines on Quora (you can use the same tips to write blog post introduction as well).

  • Start your answers with a quote (which should be relevant to the question or topic you're writing about)
  • Open with an interesting statistic or numbers (as they always hook your readers)
  • Start with a question (and make it interesting to read, because questions spark readers attention)
  • Share a story of yours (which can be a failure or success memory, as people mostly connect with stories easily)

3. Learn how to write for online skimmers

Whether you know it or not, most people who read online don't read every single word you write. What do they do instead? They skim.

Yes, even on Quora, people skim your answers. Even if you've written a great answer with helpful information, your answers will go unnoticed if your answer has long and boring paragraphs. Here are a few quick tips to write for skimmers.

  • Write short sentences. This is a short sentence. And short sentences work like a charm especially online.
  • Write within short paragraphs. Don't use more than 5 lines of text. It's better to break your paragraphs after 2 to 3 lines. It makes easy for online people to read even longer answers.
  • Use subheads. Use lots of them if you're writing detailed answers. You can breakdown your primary topic into various sections and use subheads to break them down.
  • Include bullet or numbered lists
  • Use bold text rather than italics (make sure to bold sentences or letters that are extremely important)

4. Avoid questions with 100+ answers

While this is NOT an exclusive writing tip but if you're writing something on Quora, it helps you immensely. When you are just getting started on Quora, avoid answering a question that has 100+ answers already.

Why? The simple reason is “your answer is not likely to be noticed” because there is always a limit to how much interest a question can sustain. That's the whole point of avoiding questions with 100+ answers.

How do you know that a Quora question has more than 100 answers? Luckily Quora helps with that by showing 100+ answers (if a question has over 100 answers already).

This is what it looks like;

As you can see above, the above question has over 100 answers, which means, even if you write a great answer for that question, your answer is not likely to get noticed because there's too much competition (too many answers have been written already! ).

5. Write every day

Write every single day. It can be on Quora, on your own blog or use Google Docs. But, write something every day. Write at least 500 words a day. That's how you get better at writing.

If you're still wondering about how to write every day to write great answers on Quora (or great articles for your own blog), here are few PROVEN tips for you.

  • Pick a time: Few people wake up early and find mornings to be the best time to do important tasks such as reading or writing. Few people do at night. Find out whether you're a morning person or a night owl. It helps you immensely when to write.
  • Choose a goal: The best way to make writing a daily habit is to set a writing goal. You can pick to write 200 to 300 words a day (and continue it up to once you start writing 500 to 1000 words a day), depending on your free time. Setting a writing goal helps you achieve things faster.
  • Select a platform: You can pick platforms like Quora or Medium to write every day. If not, you can simply use Google Docs to write whatever you want. We suggest you pick few interesting questions on Quora and start writing them one by one so you can publish each one every day.

6. Read other peoples answers

The great writers do two things well: one, they write every day and other is they read a lot. By reading more, you'll grasp the writing tones of other writers.

The more you read, the better the sentences you can learn to form while writing. Pick few writers on Quora and start analyzing their writing voice.

Most of the top writers have their own unique writing tone. So try to find and follow at least 3 to 5 writers on Quora whose writing style inspires you.

That way you can read more of their answers and by reading more of their stuff, you can easily finetune your own writing tone.

So what are you waiting for? Start following your favorite writers on Quora and read more. You can also follow other bloggers or writers to learn how they write captivating blog posts.

7. Pay attention to your grammar

This is extremely important as no one tolerates bad grammar.

Your Quora answers can get you more upvotes and followers only when they are grammatically correct. Quora is literally read by millions of people worldwide, that's why you should know how to write quality answers without grammatical mistakes.

How can you write error-free answers on Quora? The key here is to write and read more. Your writing skills improve over time. There's no other magic formula.

If you're a non-native English speaker, you can use online proofreading tools as they help you immensely improve your writing. Here are few tools you can give a try.

  • Grammarly (there's also a free browser extension)
  • Ginger
  • Polish My Writing
  • Reverso
  • And the list goes on

Quick tip: The good thing about using Quora is that, it allows other readers to edit your answers. So accept all the meaningful and well-intentioned edits made by other readers on your answers. It makes your answers even more helpful without any grammatical mistakes.

8. Diversify yourself

Don't just write on a single topic.

Only when you write on multiple topics, you'll know what type of answers can go viral on Quora. So don't stick to one topic such as fitness or real estate or SEO (or anything else). Explore other topics as well where you can add honest and useful answers.

For instance, you can write about productivity tips even if you're a doctor. You can give life advice even if you're a fitness coach. You don't have to stick to one topic where you've got the skills.

Go and explore various topics which are out of your comfort zone. Give a try to them by answering interesting questions around those topics.

9. Add images

This is another ignored tip by most writers on Quora. They don't add any images.

Adding pictures to your Quora answers makes them visually appealing. You can convey a lot of information with just ONE picture.

As they say "a picture is worth a thousand words". So use images from stock photography websites. There are websites like Unsplash, StockSnap, etc. where you can find free images with no copyright issues.

So use images like this while replying to Quora to make your answers engaging. Don't use random images from Google as it is against Quora’s guidelines and your responses may be deleted or reduced for the same reason.

Try to include at least one picture for every answer you write on Quora. It doesn't matter where you use it in your answer, it sets your answer apart from other answers. As simple as that.

10. The ending should be great

How you finish your answers on Quora is extremely important. In fact, your ending is just as important as your introduction. Unfortunately, most of the people who write on Quora simply neglect the importance of ending and just use a few random links to their site. It doesn't give you better results.

So don't do that. Your ending section should be great. There are a few different ways you can finish your responses on Quora to get more impact.

  • Summary of your answer
  • Call to Action (CTA)

When it comes to getting the call to action there are several options including:

  • Decide if you want more upvotes (if so, ask for upvotes and nothing else)
  • Decide if you want more comments (if so, ask people to leave a comment on your answer for additional questions and nothing else).
  • Decide if you want more followers (if so, ask to follow them or use links to some of your other interesting answers).
  • Decide if you want more traffic to your website (if so, include links to your website and ask users to visit your website or a specific page, and nothing else).

And when it comes to making a summary, you can use words like;

  • Conclusion
  • Bottom line
  • Final thoughts
  • About you and so on

Just make sure to summarize your entire answer in a paragraph or two (they are especially useful if you are writing long and detailed answers on Quora). This will help your readers easily understand what your answers are about.

FAQs on Boosting Quora Website Traffic

Here is a list of some important and interesting questions about using Quora that you may find useful while using Quora.

1. How often should you write about Quora?

There is no rule of thumb as to how often you should post on Quora as there are no limits. You can post as many times as possible in a day or use Quora without posting anything.

However, if you're a blogger looking to get more traffic from Quora, posting at least one response a day (or five times a week) can be a great way to grow your presence, increase your followers, and get better results on Quora shorter time.

The key here is to write as many helpful responses as possible instead of simply copying your own content from your published responses (or blog posts). Do not do that. Make sure to match your publishing schedule on Quora for better results.

2. Are there better alternatives to Quora in 2020?

There are a ton of alternatives to Quora, but most aren't as useful as Quora (for example, Yahoo Answers are useless to most people). If you are looking for really good alternatives to Quora that you can use in 2020 and beyond, here are the sites you can visit.

  • Medium (Most active Quora users switch to Medium as the platform has much better and more convenient features that allow you to blog your own for free, share your knowledge, get more followers, make money, etc.)
  • Reddit (this is another great Quora alternative that lets you submit different types of content, including links, text posts, and images, which are then rated up or down by other members.)
  • Stack Overflow (Stack Overflow is a question and answer page for professional programmers, so if you are an avid program wanting to learn about a variety of topics in computer programming, this page is for you.)

3. How do I ask a question about Quora?

To add a question to Quora, you must first register with Quora. Participation in Quora is completely free and you can sign up for free using either your email or Facebook credentials.

When you're signed in to your Quora account, click "Ask a Question" in the top right corner of the page. You will be presented with a list of all questions that are similar to your question.

If you can't find your question, you can simply click the "Ask a Question" button to add it to Quora so it will be distributed to all authors on the platform and you will be notified as soon as you get new answers.

You can also ask a question anonymously by clicking the Quora drop-down menu, selecting "Show to Followers" and "Anonymous" from the list. It helps you to keep your privacy and not to reveal your details like name or photo etc.

Once you have selected "Anonymous" from the list, click "Submit". Your question will be sent to Quora and you will be directed to the anonymous "edit link" for the anonymous question. That's it, you're done!

4. What are Promoted Answers on Quora?

Have you been seeing sponsored responses on Quora lately and wondering what is it about? Sponsored responses are paid responses promoted by companies or people (like bloggers, marketers, SEO, etc.).

You can easily distinguish all of the promoted responses on Quora as they are marked as "Promoted By" along with the name of the person or company promoting the response. As with any other answer on Quora, you can rate, decline, share, or comment on it.

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5. Can I be banned from Quora?

Yes, of course, if you keep breaking the Quora rules. If you repeatedly violate Quora’s policy options, such as: For example, creating duplicate content repeatedly (even copying your own articles) can cause Quora locking issues.

You will get content warnings first and then temporary edit blocks. However, if you continue to violate their policies even after being warned, you'll be banned from Quora for the most part (so you won't be able to use or access your account and all of your followers will see a locked account on your profile).

Final thoughts on increasing your website traffic from Quora in 2020

If you're a blogger, Quora is a goldmine that you can use for almost anything from researching topics to increasing your website traffic to establishing yourself as an authority on your industry.

The key here is finding the right questions, providing helpful and UNIQUE answers, and being consistent.

Let us know what you think about using Quora to increase website traffic. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments.