Why do big companies acquire startups

Why companies buy startups

When it comes to the success of startups, one usually talks about business models, scaling and capital. The greatest success factor, however, is the personalities behind a business idea. “I invest in founders”, investors like to emphasize. And it is precisely these role models that we need so that more people dare to start their own business.

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Incubator therefore wants to bring extraordinary founders to the curtain together with the Chamber of Notaries. Together with Microsoft Austria and Prima PR and Image Marketing we are looking for you: Tell our community your story as a founder! What drove you What do you need to set up a business, apart from business and tech skills? What hurdles did you have to take on your way and what did you learn? Apply now for the event “From the idea to the ignition - founder: inside stories”, tell your story and win Final on June 23 Prizes worth 15,000 euros. Our community will decide who wins in an audience vote.

“Startups are the engine for innovation and the future of the economy. That is why it is important to us as brutkasten to motivate young people to implement innovative business ideas ”, says Dejan Jovicevic, co-founder and CEO of brutkasten. “At the event“ From the idea to the ignition - founder: inside stories ”we want to bring founders onto the stage with particularly unusual stories and inspire a young generation,” adds Michael Umfahrer, President of the Austrian Chamber of Notaries.

What drives and defines women founders

“Founders are more flexible and emotional and don't care as much about rules. This was the result of a study in which Speedinvest Heroes went in search of the “Startup Anatomy” and interviewed managers and startup founders. Classic motivators such as influence and recognition are replaced by autonomy and meaning and values. These are particularly upheld in the company ”, says Maria Baumgartner, co-founder of Speedinvest Heroes and keynote speaker at“ From the idea to the ignition - founder: inside stories ”.