Why is Good Friday called Good Friday

Good Friday: Why is Good Friday actually called Good Friday?

Good Friday is the Friday before Easter and commemorates the crucifixion of Christ. This day, the highest holiday in the Evangelical Church, is therefore celebrated as a strict day of penance.

According to the ecumenical dictionary of saints, the "Kar" in the word Good Friday comes from Old High German. "Kara" or "Chara" means mourning or lamentation - and stands for the meaning of the day on which Christians think of the death of Jesus.

Good Friday stands at the end of the 40-day fasting period and is also the most important day of fasting. It is customary not to eat meat on this day, only fish. Believers also refrain from alcohol and sweets - and from happy events and dancing.

In Bavaria, the strictest dance ban of the year applies on Good Friday. While on most of the other quiet days dancing is only prohibited from 2 a.m., on Good Friday the happy partying ends at midnight.

In the afternoon at 3 p.m. - according to tradition, the hour of Christ's death - the faithful come together in the churches for a simple word service with communion. The focus is on the passion of Jesus. The church is not festively decorated during the services on Good Friday. The altar is covered. The bells don't ring.

Good Friday there is a strict ban on dancing in Bavaria

During the so-called Stations of the Cross devotion to Jesus Christ's difficult journey, 14 stations are remembered.

In Munich, the "Way of the Cross of the Nations" traditionally takes place on Good Friday through the city center (10 am). Catholics from more than 20 ethnic and language groups meet for the procession.

The evangelical regional bishops hold church services in their cities in the mornings. In the afternoon (3 p.m.) the Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx celebrates the memory of the suffering and death of Christ. The focus is on the veneration of the cross.

Good Friday also plays an important role in the peasant rules. "If there was rain on Good Friday, a dry but fertile year follows," it says, for example. And the farmers also have an experience with good weather: "Good Friday sunshine - brings us a rich harvest." AZ