Why do I sweat more with deodorant?

Against sweating and sweat: deodorant or antiperspirant

People sweat during exercise, but also when they are at rest and at night in their sleep. The fact that our skin secretes fluids is absolutely vital. Sweating prevents us from overheating. Nevertheless, the secretion is uncomfortable for many people. There is sweat around 99 percent water. The rest is mainly composed of sodium, potassium, chlorine, urea, lactic acid, amino acids, sugar and fats. The substances are primarily used to Acid protection of the skin maintain and ward off pathogens. Has fresh sweat no smell of its own. What we smell is the result of a breakdown process that takes place on our skin. Despite all of the understandably good properties, we try to sweat - at least under the armpits - but to be avoided. Because that's where the odor often very intense and leaves the wet unsightly stains in clothes. But what is better - Deodorant or antiperspirant? And how do the two remedies actually work?

Deodorant helps against odor

The word deodorant comes from Latin and already explains the task of the product: it means something like "smell gone" (de- = away and odor = smell). Deodorants usually included no aluminum salts. they seem bacteria-inhibiting and prevent so that Emergence the unpleasant smellscaused by the bacterial decomposition process of sweat. In addition overlay you Body odor through their perfume. The effectiveness of a deodorant depends both on the quality and composition of the active ingredients used and on the basis of the recipe, i.e. the carrier substances into which they are incorporated. Because, no matter if Spray,Atomizer, roller or stick, important Basic ingredients of every deodorant water, caring Oils and Emulsifiers.

tip: It applies to all products that they can only work effectively if they are applied to previously cleansed skin.

So deodorants ensure that the Sweat remains odorless, but does not reduce the flow of sweat. That means that you sweat heavily the same way.

Antiperspirants help reduce sweating

Included Aluminum salts like aluminum chlorohydrate (ACH) inhibit the Sweat flow around about 20 to 60 percent in the armpits by placing the upper part of the Sweat gland outlets narrowed becomes. This deprives the bacteria of the basic food they can decompose. This means that unpleasant smells and wet stains on clothing cannot develop in full. In addition, an antiperspirant also has a direct one growth-inhibiting effect on bacteria and usually also contains a odor masking perfume.

Personal taste decides

Deodorant or antiperspirant is one in the end Matter of personal taste. Many people feel more secure when they are protected not only from annoying body odor but also from wet armpits. Pure deodorants then do not offer an equivalent alternative to antiperspirants. There are besides the Aluminum salts no other drug group that reliable and at the same time highly compatible with perspiration works. By the way: A connection between the use of antiperspirants and an increased risk of breast cancer or Alzheimer's disease has not been scientifically proven. More on this in the expert interview "Aluminum in cosmetic antiperspirants are safe"