What are Estonians doing well?

On this website we try to introduce you to all Estonian manors, including those that have not been preserved, and to illustrate them with photos. The German version of the website provides a brief overview of 438 manors that are well worth seeing. However, the website is always being completed and the previously missing manors are gradually being added. The original Estonian version of the website includes 700 manors. Hopefully the relatively short texts will soon be exchanged for more detailed ones.

For the past 10 years I have dealt with the topic of Estonian manors thoroughly (with a few exceptions). During this time I took more than 14,000 photos on the subject, over 2,500 of which can be seen on the Estonian version of the site. Gradually, other photos with a brief overview of the past and present of the goods will be put up.

Hopefully you will soon find links to manors that offer various services (e.g. events, accommodation, meals, etc.). This information is currently lacking on the site because it requires the initiative of the landlord or manager and some financial support from this site. The same applies to the advertising of services directed to the landowners. This information is also welcomed on the site, but not free of charge.

Even now, if the website mainly provides historical and cultural information, it is visited by 300 to 500 people every day. About 10% of them are from abroad (half from Finland and a significant part from Germany).

Honoring the glorious past of the homeland,

Valdo Praust

Non-profit association "Old Livonia"
The author of the homepage,
who has dealt with the estate of the manor for the past 10 years.