May vitamin B12 help with depression

According to studies: This vitamin helps with depression

According to studies: This vitamin helps with depression

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 322 million people worldwide are affected by depression. According to studies, a certain vitamin can be responsible for how we feel.

Several studies have so far shown that vitamin B, which is divided into eight different B vitamins, is related to the severity of depression. B vitamins are, among other things, for smooth functioning of brain, nerve and energy metabolism responsible and help z. B. at the Transmission of stimuli, thoughts and emotions from one nerve cell to another. They are also involved in the production of messenger substances such as adrenaline or hormones such as the sleep hormone melatonin and the happiness hormone serotonin. A deficiency in B vitamins can make us feel limp, tired, and lacking in energy. These feelings are even more pronounced in depression.

Depression - not a matter of the head

Depression can occur both as a stand-alone disease and as a side effect of other physical or psychological disorders. The causes are not always clear, but possible: B. stressful life situations or traumatic events, whereby women are affected more often than men. However, it is known that the susceptibility to depression is genetically predisposed.

The connection between vitamin B deficiency and depression

Various studies have examined whether there is a connection between a vitamin B deficiency and depression. It turned out that Depressed patients had a lower vitamin B12 level and also had less folic acid (vitamin B9) had. Because these two vitamins are heavily involved in the functioning of the nervous system, researchers believe that deficiencies can exacerbate depression. The connection has not yet been clarified, but there is hope that B vitamins can counteract this depressive moods use to improve the mood. In the case of depression, the correct supply of nutrients and vitamins can support psychological therapy.

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Which vitamins are still recommended?

In addition to B vitamins, vitamin D and the trace element zinc also play a role in mood. Vitamin D is formed in the body through sun exposure, while zinc has to be taken in through food. The amino acid tryptophan, the precursor of the happiness hormone serotonin, is also essential. It is mainly found in bananas, nuts, dark chocolate, fish and cheese.