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Greifswald interview procedure (GIV)

The University of Greifswald allocates 60% of the total available study places within the framework of the university quota. This corresponds to approx. 100 study places in medicine and approx. 30 in dentistry.

For theAdH rate 3 As part of our selection process, the university invites applicants to a personal interview in advance. The interviews are expected to take place at the end of March (see schedule). The placement on a ranking list will decide on the invitation to an interview in Greifswald. (see point calculator)

An interview lasts at least 20 minutes and is carried out as a one-on-one interview by a discussion committee consisting of 2 lecturers. The applicants are given the opportunity to verbally explain and justify their particular suitability, motivation and general objectives for studying medicine or dentistry. Additional evidence that was not taken into account in the application process can be brought with you to this interview. The invitations to participate in the interview are expected to be sent out at the end of February / beginning of March. The 20 minute interview will come with a score between 0 and 100 points rated and given to you in the form of a Certificate handed out.

The interview does not decide on admission to medical or dental studies, but is merely a selection criterion for the AdH rate 3 represent.