Facebook has a human analytics team

I have an appointment with Christian, Director of Data Analytics at Interone - via MS Teams. Because due to the ongoing corona pandemic, we are all working from home. It's a gray day, the clouds are hanging low in the Hamburg sky, but we still don't have a bad mood. This may also be due to Christian's virtual background image, among other things. This shows his old Bulli, a T3 VW bus converted into a camper, which Christian bought by mistake a few years ago and which now holds up the hope of traveling soon and better times. But the bus tells us something else as well: Behind the job as Director of Data Analytics is a person who has more than just numbers in his head and perhaps for that reason always has the big picture in mind.

Many roads lead - to the Interone.

"How do you say so beautifully in marketing? The costumer journey is no longer linear. That's the way it is with me, too, ”says Christian with a laugh when I ask him about his advertising campaign. After studying business administration in Frankfurt, he began his career with a few years at the university. The crowning glory: a doctorate in the field of e-commerce, marketing and business informatics - the title of Christian's doctoral thesis: “Adoption of innovative Technologies”. After all, Christian's interest in the agency world helps him leave his academic time behind in order to break new ground. He then moves for a few years between strategy, account management and (web) analysis, often combined with the desire to have to organize less and instead to be able to work a lot more in terms of content.

Christian has been with Interone in Hamburg since summer 2017, initially in the position of cross-location Director Strategy. “Since the beginning of last year I have given up the strategy part and as a team leader I am only responsible for data. But that doesn't mean that strategy or UX will disappear. The areas are so closely linked that you should be an all-rounder so that you can implement what you imagine, ”says Christian.

Data analysis can only be successful in a team and with one goal in mind.

If you look at Christian's job title, it's not surprising: As a data analyst, you deal a lot with data. For Christian that means generating data, analyzing data and deriving insights from it. There are countless ways in which data can be accessed in the digital arena. “The most logical”, says Christian, “is of course the simple web analysis. This means that every website that we operate or on which we support our customers has usually implemented web tracking and you can then find out a lot using tools such as Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics. With this you can basically find out how many people were on a website and what they were doing there. Where did they come from and where did they go after that? We are working very intensively with this data source - and yes, there is also the area of ​​social media. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook provide us with a relatively large amount of data that we can evaluate. "

It is also important for Christian to emphasize that we as an agency do not only analyze data for marketing purposes. Much more can also be included. According to Christian, there is always potential with which new insights can be gained by combining different data sources. "Frustrating processes on websites, faulty apps or digital platforms? The users simply do not need them. We want to help digitize and facilitate work processes or sensor systems, ”says Christian.

"We" means here: Christian, a senior data analyst and a junior data analyst. “But we are not a stand-alone team, we are a“ strategy and data team ”. Dual leadership: Director Strategy and Director Analytics. "What is also important to him is the interaction with colleagues from different areas such as social media, content maintenance or UX. Here, according to Christian's credo, everyone has to work and therefore the plan is to structure together Derives goals and finds critical values. Particularly important for Christian: openness. When asked more precisely, he sums up: "It is very important to me that you can ask any question. Most questions are not there to attack others, but simply to address something know or find out. "At the end of the day everyone should be aware of who has to do what and who has to collect which data where. Because, according to Christian:" Just measuring data doesn't help much. If you want to analyze something, you have to you think about the goal beforehand. "

A sabbatical for more science?

Even though Christian likes his job, he recently took a break. “I didn't have a precise plan beforehand about what to do. I just knew I wanted to get out. Don't let customer projects determine what I deal with on a daily basis and with what amount of time. ”And so Christian learned the Python programming language for five months on his sabbatical, discovered the Hamburg Alster canals with his SUP board and began to be more scientific again Reading journals. His realization: “Unfortunately, a lot of what is worked out in science arrives in practice much too late or not at all. I want to continue to pursue this at Interone in the future: Look more into scientific papers to discover what's new in science. And to see what can be translated into practice for our customers. "

Join us.

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