What are your main shopping lists

Shopping list apps: The 3 best free shopping planners put to the test

Shopping list apps help you to organize your purchases quickly and clearly. You always have them with you on your smartphone and can share them with friends and relatives. We introduce you to the three best free shopping list apps for Android and iOS.

Life is complicated enough, use a shopping list app to ensure that at least your purchases are done quickly and easily. With the practical applications, you always have your shopping list with you. You can even share and synchronize them via WhatsApp, Telegram or other messengers, so that several people can work on it and tick off at the same time. Incidentally, with the shopping list app you also save a lot of paper and thus protect the environment.

The shopping list - Simple and clear

The shopping list is a very clear application with which you can organize your purchases quickly and easily. The app can be customized in terms of color, offers many options to customize your lists and has voice recognition for this purpose. The latter is especially useful if you have your hands full in the supermarket and want to add something quickly.

To add new products to an existing list, simply enter them in the main menu I need-Line or tap on the plus at the bottom right. The app knows some things and assigns them icons for a better overview. Do you give for example loaf a bread symbol is displayed. Use the three points at the top right to create new shopping lists and synchronize existing ones with friends or relatives so that you can check off your errands on your own smartphone. The shopping list is available for free, but not ad-free, for Android and iOS. However, the advertising can be removed for around two euros.

  • synchronizable
  • customizable
  • voice recognition

Click here for the free shopping list app The shopping list:

Bring! - With recipe ideas

Bring! is the shopping list app that offers a little more. In addition to the intuitive list, there is also a recipe collection and various local advertising brochures. There is also a shortcut to in the main menu Bring Master, a delivery service that brings your purchases to your doorstep.

As soon as you have your profile in the shopping list app Bring! you are ready to go. Under Lists you can find your current shopping list. The app gives you practical Shopping suggestionsso that you never have to think long about what is still missing. At inspiration there are always new recipe suggestions and under deals you can find current advertising brochures. If you give the shopping list app access to your location, you will only be shown the brochures for shops in your area. Bring! is available free of charge and ad-free for Android and iOS.

  • Integrated recipes and brochures
  • Brochures always with you
  • ad-free
  • Obligation to create a profile

Click here for the free shopping list app Bring!:

Outwit - The most important thing in focus

Outwit is a simple shopping list app for your iPhone. The functions are limited to the most important things you need for your purchase. Here you can organize and organize your purchases with just a few clicks so that you are guaranteed not to overlook anything.

The main menu of Outwit is also your currently selected shopping list. Using the symbol bar below, you can organize your purchases either by product type, number or simply alphabetically. Swiping left deletes an entry, swiping right confirms the purchase. Use the plus symbol to add new products and create new lists in the left tab. Shopping list synchronization is also useful. Do you have yourself withOutwit registered, you can share your lists in the menu with friends and relatives with a swipe to the left. So you can simply tick off the errands together. The shopping list app Outwit is only available for iOS and is completely free of charge and advertising.

  • easy to handle
  • Synchronization possible
  • ad-free

Click here for the free shopping list app Outwit:

Conclusion - our test result

The tested shopping list apps are very similar in their basic function. They all make it easy to create and organize shopping lists. The clearest is here Outwit. The shopping list on the other hand, convinces with its adaptability. Bring! Also shows you recipes and advertising brochures in case you need some inspiration when shopping. So all shopping list apps have their advantages. Now you can find out which of them suits you best.