What is the main purpose of IT

Wetzikon decides on a new IT strategy

The city of Wetzikon's new digitization strategy has been set. The city council has approved the IT strategy from 2021 to 2025, as the city announces. The IT strategy that will be valid until 2020 has been further developed.

Not all of the goals of the 2016-2020 IT strategy have yet been achieved, according to the city council's resolution (PDF). For example, not all interfaces, process and application responsibilities have yet been defined.

Seven projects to implement the strategy

As in the previous strategy, the focus should continue to be on "the consistent standardization of IT architectures, business processes and the use of proven systems". The main purpose of computer science is the seamless and efficient support of the core and management processes so that the city of Wetzikon can offer its customers an optimal service.

The approved IT strategy comprises seven specific projects:

  1. Analysis and proposal of an IT architecture

  2. Optimizing organization

  3. Optimize interfaces, no redundant inputs

  4. Training concept (improve IT knowledge, increase efficiency)

  5. Creation of a concept and creation of the necessary framework for home office

  6. Definition of the roadmap for the introduction of Microsoft 365

  7. New geographic information system and adaptation of internal processes

Digital transformation under new responsibility

The strategy was developed by the management with the involvement of employees from all business areas, according to the announcement. This would take various needs into account.

An eighth project is called digital transformation. However, it is an organizational development project that should be worked out separately, writes the city council. Accordingly, the project was removed from the IT strategy. In future it will be under the responsibility of the city chancellery.

Last month, the canton of Bern adopted its new ICT strategy. The focus is on application and data management. This is intended to support digital cross-administrative and cross-agency business processes.