What is the meanest natural animal

The deadliest animal in the world is neither a shark nor a human

The deadliest animal in the world is not particularly large. One would rather expect something that is significantly higher in the food chain to be at the top.

A 2014 graph posted on billionaire Bill Gates' blog shows the number of human deaths per year associated with certain animals. In the graphic you can see that mosquitos are by far the most dangerous animals.

Yes, mosquitos, the pesky little beasts that suck your blood and carry viruses from one human to the next, are responsible for most of the animal-related human deaths.

"When it comes to killing people, no animal comes anywhere near mosquitos," Gates writes on his blog.

Malaria is responsible for more than half of all deaths from mosquitos, especially in sub-Saharan Africa. Nevertheless, according to the World Health Organization, the rate fell by a full 37 percent between 2000 and 2015. Dengue fever, another disease that is transmitted by mosquitos, has become the leader when it comes to making people sick or even killing them - before especially in Asian and Latin American countries.

But mosquitos are not only responsible for many deaths. Since the spread of the Zika virus in America, organizations around the world have again turned their eyes to the little pests. Of people infected with the Zika virus, only 20 percent ever show symptoms. These are usually fever, red eyes, rashes, and joint pain.

One reason Zika is so dangerous: the virus can cause birth defects in babies. This happens when the mother had Zika symptoms and developed a neurological condition called Guillain-Barré syndrome.

The Aedes aegypti was identified as the carrier of the Zika and Dengue virus. Other mosquitos, such as those of the Anopheles group, are carriers of malaria.

In addition to vaccination, the best way to keep mosquitos under control is getting rid of the deadly infectious diseases.