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Texas Holdem starting hands

Only the poker player who knows how to capitalize on good cards and discard the bad cards in time will win. The starting hands naturally play the foundation of success. The player has to master the simple calculation of probability at all times, which unfortunately becomes clear to the beginner very late. The probability of winning is the most important criterion for playing a starting hand or staying in the game. This is made clear in the tactics using examples.

If you play in the family, you will, like me, play starting hands that you would not play in professional poker. In the private sphere, entertainment and fun are more important than winning and earning money. Apart from that, every poker player will define his starting hands himself after a certain time, regardless of tables and probability calculations. More about:

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The following examples are intended to show what are good and what are bad starting hands in professional poker.

Frequency of play

As a beginner, you strive to play as many hands as you can. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that the beginner is curious about the game or, on the other hand, cannot yet assess the probability of winning the cards in hand. A good poker player will play one of 4 or 5 hands, which is 20-25%. This is the approximate probability that you will get a very good or a good starting hand on average. So don't play every crap, it will be expensive in the long run.

Very good starting hands

With these starting hands, you should raise on the first round of betting. Firstly, this makes the pot bigger and, secondly, you avoid calling players with poor or mediocre hands, which could later become your undoing and make your very good hand worthless. Examples and more tips on the “bad beat” can be found in the strategy.

The best starting hand ever. You should definitely play AA, the probability of winning is around 35%

These two starting hands are also great and should be played.

As king suited (of one suit) is also strong

The probability of winning is lower than with AKs (the "s" stands for suited = of the same color), but this starting hand can still be described as SUPER

You should definitely play these starting hands, the raise depends on the action in front of you.

These cards aren't bad, but neither are they the screamer. Contrary to other opinions, I mentioned the pair of boys here and not with the very good starting hands. After a certain experience you will know why.




Mediocre starting hands

You can play these starting hands as long as no war has broken out at the table in front of you.





They don't look that bad, the mediocre starting hands, but are inferior to the above two categories in terms of probability of winning.

Bad starting hands

For these hands you shouldn't put a Heller in the middle, that would mean a loss in the long run.



to If you want to play poker successfully, you should put these cards aside, unless of course you are the big blind and have the opportunity to see the flop without further stake.

The worst starting hand

For the sake of completeness, I'll show you the worst starting hand that can be held in Texas Holdem. So discard them immediately.

With these cards you can't tear anything in Texas Holdem, at most you can start a huge bluff.

With these cards you simply have the fewest opportunities to build a good hand. Flush is unlikely, as is straight, if the 7 comes you only have 2 as a kicker and flipped.

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