How do you practice 12 math

Practice multiplication tables at speed

Speed ​​test multiplication table

Here you can practice the multiplication tables for a while. Choose the multiplication tables that you would like to practice. You can practice the multiplication tables individually or some or all of the series at the same time for a time. You have 10 seconds for each task. The point is to solve the multiplication tables as quickly as possible. With the speed test you get 10 points for every correct solution and for every second that you didn't use, you get an extra point. The most important thing is that you solve the solution in the given time, because you get the most points for this. The faster you enter the answer, the more extra points you get. If you choose all the rows in this multiplication test, you have to solve a total of 55 problems. Good luck with practicing!

The multiplication table is one of the most important basic arithmetic operations.

There has been a lot of thought recently about how to improve basic arithmetic skills. These numeracy skills are important for the school development of all students. The multiplication table is practiced a lot, especially in the 2nd and 3rd grades, but it also plays an important role later in math lessons. Therefore, you practice drawing arithmetic particularly often in elementary school so that you can do it “in your sleep”. This is important so that you can solve even more difficult tasks well later in school. With this tempo calculation test you can practice the multiplication tables until you get it right.