What is the application form

Informal application: what is it and how do I submit it?

A lot of bureaucratic effort is not necessary for every issue. Sometimes an informal application is enough. What it is, when it makes sense and what needs to be considered.

Informal applications will help you if you want to express a concern to an authority. However, being informal does not mean that you should express your concerns at will.

You can also use certain guidelines as a guide for the informal application. We will show you which these are and when you can use an informal application.

What is an informal application?

Informal applications are in opposition to formal requests. In the case of a formal application, it is necessary that you adhere to a certain form or use a predefined form. On the other hand, if you submit an informal application, you are free to choose how you want to formulate your request. Another term for it is informal writing.

With an informal application you can without great bureaucratic effort raise a concern appropriately. However, some are subject to a misunderstanding: Informal does not mean that you should submit the application on a slip of paper with just one sentence (see below).

How do I write an informal application?

Basically, while you are free to choose how you write your letter, a cover letter with a serious concern is best white paper printed.

Also remember place and date indicate and the application is best handwritten sign. The Sender's address and des Recipient should be on the letter.

A Subject It makes it easier for large companies and authorities in particular to forward your application to the responsible person. Also give everyone personal data at.

For example, if you write to health or pension insurance, your informal application should be yours Insurance number contain. In contact with universities, however, the specification of the Matriculation number makes sense.

Point out the attachment and always end your informal application with an appropriate one Greeting.

It should also include an informal applicationno spelling and grammatical errors contain. Read your letter again before sending it. In this way you can be sure that no misunderstandings arise. When you submit your informal application Formulate politely and clearly, you will most likely get to your destination.

When does an informal application make sense?

In principle, you can use an informal letter, to convince someone of a concern. Make sure you state what you want clearly and precisely.

Informal letters are mostly used when it comes to a Concerns to an authority goes. But also oppositeBanks, Companies, Universities, Craftsmen or youremployer you can set up an informal application.

If you as a student would like to apply for support under the Federal Training Assistance Act, then Bafög, can also do this informally, for example. This is useful if this is the only way to meet the deadline. You can then submit the fully completed application forms later.

Even those who want to apply for a degree of long-term care do not need to submit a formal application. Often one is enough informal written application to the long-term care insurance fund. As a rule, the cash registers even send a suitable form.