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How to get information from Osclass to Android App - php, android, json

Hence, Osclass is an Open Sour classified ad. I want to know how to get information from my website about an Android app. For example, I want to get the user of my app to register on my website while using the app without having to go to my website and register from there. Take, for example, someone who registered on my website through a web browser and then downloaded my app. He can log in via the app because my website is connected to the app.

And I want for example the categories and the listing of the categories on my website. I tried searching on google as Osclass is written in PHP, HTML and CSS. I thought it was the same thing to get information from a wordpress website about android apps but i was really confused.

If there is an API or JSON from Osclass itself, I can create an app as I described, or I can do it myself if I have created JSON or whatever I have to do.

An example would be (classifieds website) and their app

Is there a tutorial that shows how to get information from websites such as: B. the login data and the possibility to register?

Thanks in advance.


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There is no suitable API for Osclass. However, there is some work done by the community (see here).

Since we have the same need for our AngularJS search, we did something like this:

This uses the feed_api hook (Osclass' feed feature) to get the items for a range of search parameters.