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Is Gibiate Worth Watching? A full review

Gibiate (Jibiēto) is based on a post-apocalyptic future of the city of Tokyo. A virus outbreak called Gibia has infected people who mutate them into monsters based on age, gender, and race.

The series is an original Japanese anime television series directed by Masahiko Komino at the Lunch Box and Studio Elle studios and written by Ryō Aoki. The series premiered on July 15, 2020.

Crunchyroll will stream the series as the Crunchyroll Original Anime in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania and the Middle East.

The story takes place in Japan in the year 2030. The earth has been completely overrun by a viral disease called "Gibia", which turns infected people into different monsters due to their personal characteristics.

1. Quick review

The series takes place in a dark and dystopian Japan. A virus called "Gibia" has infected people all over the world. The infected people transform into different monsters depending on their age or race.

A samurai and ninja from the early Edo period travel through time together and arrive in a ruined Japan to help a professor who is working on a cure for the virus.

Together they fight countless Gibia monsters, outlaws and other wild enemies on their journey to save humanity from extinction.

The interaction between the characters doesn't seem very realistic. As the two protagonists travel from the past to this dystopian future, one seems to want to wonder if there is a truth and join the plot. The show appears to be about an isekai anime genre.

In any ideal act, the protagonists would have to prove or justify what they are doing or why they are there in the first place.

The hurdles they would have to jump over to confirm something as unknown as time travel would have added to the richness of the plot.

2. Info card


Broadcast date: July 15, 2020-todayStatus: ongoingStudio: Lunchbox, Studio ElleNumber of seasons: 1Number of episodes: 1

3. Is it worth seeing?

Gibiate is worth seeing for the unique story, if nothing else. The 2D-like animation and some parts of the plot don't make entirely sense.

You tell me that samurai and ninja traveled back in time during a virus outbreak and you would have no questions about how it was possible.

The show has a lot going on - time travel, a virus outbreak, and crazy-looking Gibia monsters that the protagonists have to fight.

I. Action

The story takes place in Tokyo, Japan. A virus outbreak has blanketed the earth and once infected, patients become monsters and change shape based on age and nationality. The virus is called "Gibia".

Time-traveling samurai and shinobi from the Edo period appear in the post-apocalyptic ruins. Hordes of gibia monsters help a doctor who has devoted his career to researching the cure for "gibia" and criminals in search of food - danger surrounds them wherever they turn.

II. Characters

Sensui Kanzaki is the typically calm, male protagonist. He is a samurai who traveled from the early Edo period.

He is also known as "Senningiri" or "Thousand Man Slasher" because he has knocked down many enemies with his twin swords made of Japanese katana and western sword. However, he made a command against killing.

Kenroku Sanada traveled with Sensui from the Edo period. He is a talkative character who is cheerful and energetic. He fights the Gibias with his bombs.

Sensui and Kenroku can be seen in the first episode with Kathleen Funada. She is introduced as the naive and hopeful high school girl who first stumbled upon our heroes. She manages to save them as soon as they enter modern, monster-infested Japan.

Kathleen Funada is Dr Yoshinaga's assistant. He has dedicated his life to finding a cure for the virus.

The three characters help Dr. Yoshinaga in saving humanity. They are all standard and generic, and not unique, attention-grabbing characters.

III. frame

The series is set in 2030 in a dark and dystopian Tokyo, where everything lies in ruins during a virus outbreak.

IV. Theme songs

The opening theme “Gibiate” will be performed by Sugizo and the Yoshida Brothers. The music sounds like a fusion of traditional and current rock culture.

The OP definitely sets the tone for the story we see in the series. The images during the opening theme song also highlight the main characters we'll be following throughout the show.

Sugizo plays the final theme song "Endless" with Maki Ohguro. The song begins with soothing flute-like music and begins with Maki Ohguro singing about finding redemption in a now dark and desolate world.

4th grade

History: A-

Cinematography / Animation: A-

Art: A.

Music: A.

5. Final thoughts

Gibiate has an interesting storyline and good music, but the characters written for it are pretty general.

The show, which has the potential to be an "Ultimate Survival Action", comes with disappointing two-dimensional animation and leaves an overall slime

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