How can we protect video content

Protect externally integrated course videos

You would like to provide videos for direct viewing in your online course / congress or member area.

To do this, you decide on a video platform on which you upload your videos. You can then include the link or embed code in the content of your online course / congress or member area so that the video can be viewed directly from within the course.


How can you protect the video that not everyone can watch or even share the link?

The various video platforms offer different functions for this purpose. Please inform yourself up-to-date with the provider.

Examples of protection settings:

Most providers offer similar functions such as "private", "not listed", "password protection" or "only accessible via a certain domain".

Depending on the function, the video is protected from certain actions.

Private:This usually means that only whoever has the link can see the video.

-> Depending on the provider, this setting is not suitable for the display in the online course or for the product cover.

Not listed: The video is not listed on the platform and cannot be accessed via search or your channel.

-> You can use this setting. However, someone who has access to the course can share the link with others.

Password protection: You save a password for the video and only those who know the password can view the video.

-> This function is already provided by individual providers in the free plans and is another variant for protecting your videos. However, the link and password can also be passed on to people who have not purchased your course.

Domain restriction:This is the safest way to protect the video, but is currently only supported by Vimeo from the Pro plan.
Here you can set on which side your video will be played.

-> Store there or your domain stored in the domain mapping. If someone passes on the link to your video, they cannot view it as long as they do not access it from the stored domain.

Setting options for the video portals:

portalNot listedpassword protectionDomain restrictionHelp document
Vimeohide this video from (Plus + PRO + Business only)Access only possible with a passwordOnly on sites selected by me (only for Plus + PRO + Business)Video settings at a glance
YouTubenot listed--Privacy settings
DailymotionPrivatepassword-protected-Content visibility

As of 11/2017


Before selling the product, please test whether the video is also displayed with the respective setting.

On YouTube, for example, videos that are set to "private" cannot be used as product videos.

Additional Information:

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Since Dailymotion's help is only in English, here is a German guide from Swantje Gebauer.