Brazil will attack Venezuela

Venezuela : Maduro rejects deadline set by Europe for elections

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has rejected a deadline set by Europe for free and fair elections. “They have to withdraw this ultimatum. Nobody can give us an ultimatum, ”he said in an interview broadcast on Sunday by CNN Türk, according to the Turkish translation. “Venezuela is not tied to Europe. That's a cheek, ”said Maduro accordingly.

Berlin, Paris, Madrid and London had given the controversial head of state a deadline of eight days on Saturday to announce elections. Should Maduro refuse, the respective heads of state are ready to recognize Juan Guaidó as interim president. The Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza had already rejected the ultimatum on Saturday.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has close ties with Maduro. He said he called his counterpart and declared his support after 35-year-old Guaidó declared himself interim president on Wednesday.

Maduro told CNN Türk that he felt "very motivated" despite the situation. In the name of democracy and freedom, his country is going through an "historic war". He blamed the US, which is "attacking" Venezuela, responsible for the situation. When asked about his plan for the future, Maduro said: "Lead and defend Venezuela".

The US National Security Advisor, John Bolton, warned in sharp words against violence against the opposition or US diplomats in Venezuela. Any form of violence or intimidation against US diplomats, the self-proclaimed interim president Guaidó or the opposition-dominated parliament would be a "serious attack on the rule of law" and would result in a "significant response" from Washington, Bolton wrote on Twitter on Sunday.

Bolton did not mention Maduro's name. However, the security advisor to US President Donald Trump stated in a linked tweet that the "support" of socialist Cuba for Maduro's security forces was well known.

Guaidó declared himself interim president on Wednesday. The USA recognized him immediately, Canada and several Latin American countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia followed. Russia and China blocked a US-proposed declaration in support of Guaidó in the UN Security Council on Saturday. (dpa, AFP)

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