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This is how you improve your critical ability.

Definition of critical ability.

What does critical ability mean?

Critical ability describes a personal quality of accepting and dealing with criticism. Criticism is the assessment of an object or an action based on standards by another person. Criticism often has a negative connotation, but the aim is to bring about an improvement. An example:

Your manager approaches you and asks you to create a presentation for a customer meeting. You prepare the presentation and hand it over to your manager. Later he will want to speak to you and give you feedback on the presentation. In doing so, he notes that you have not addressed a point that he feels is important. Critical ability in this case means that you can understand your manager's point of view and learn from it for the next time. If you personally find that the point mentioned is not important, you will still learn to ask more questions next time and to clarify beforehand which points your presentation should contain.

If someone cannot deal with criticism or finds it unjustified, conflicts can quickly arise. And indeed: most people find it difficult to accept criticism, whether in a professional or private environment. Criticism should be seen as something positive, because you learn a lot more from it than from praise.