Why is Dr. House so unhappy

Amber Volakis

Amber Volakis joins the PPTH as one of forty applicants in the second episode of the fourth season.

At the beginning it is characterized by extremely brutal methods of getting rid of competitors. In this way, she ensures that, apart from her and a competitor, everyone else shuns washing House's car. However, she herself returns to the car after a few minutes in order to continue to be there as an applicant.

If it brings her advantages, she unscrupulously betrays colleagues and focuses on the mistakes of others. This approach earned her the nickname "Eiskaltes Beast" (Cutthroat bitch) at House. It is suggested that this behavior was instilled in her through a loveless and high-expectation home. Nevertheless, she has great medical knowledge and, alongside Taub, Kutner and Dreizehn, makes it into the last four applicants. However, House fires her because he doesn't need anyone in his team who can't see that he is making mistakes or is wrong.

During the fourth season, Amber starts a relationship with Wilson that House initially believes is only going to make it into House's team. But Amber means it sincerely with Wilson. Because he gives Amber what she thought she could never get together: appreciation and love.

At the same time, she makes Wilson think a little about himself, because she makes him realize that he is unhappy when he is only concerned with making others happy.

In the episode "In the Head of House" Amber is seriously injured in a bus accident when she picks up House, who has gotten drunk in a pub. However, House loses his memory for some time in the accident, which is why he does not know that Amber was seriously injured. So he can't help her anymore when he finds out that an unknown injured person is Amber. Because of a cold, she had taken a drug, the breakdown products of which were no longer filtered out of her blood as a result of the accident because her kidneys were failing. She dies of amantadine poisoning in Wilson's arms in "In the Heart of Wilson".

In the fifth season, Amber appears again as a hallucination from House because of his vicodin consumption. It appears to him as his subconscious. Furthermore, she appears again in the eighth season, also as a hallucination from House.

Amber Volakis is played by actress Anne Dudek.