Why are car batteries not overcharged?

Car batteries charging

As the development of vehicle technology advances, batteries are subjected to increasing stress. As a result, battery charging becomes an essential part of vehicle maintenance and deserves as much attention as checking tire pressure and oil levels.

Various battery charger systems are currently on the market; most of them are smart chargers and trickle chargers. These battery chargers extend the life of your battery permanently and efficiently.

As soon as a battery has reached its optimal charge level, a trickle charger only sends a charge into the battery for a certain period of time, then switches off and repeats this process until it is removed from the battery. This type of battery charge can overcharge the battery, dry it out, cause gas formation, and ultimately even destroy the battery.

However, CTEK's intelligent battery chargers do not enter a pulse maintenance mode until the battery is fully charged. Instead of sending a charge pulse and estimating the battery's power needs, a CTEK charger stays in constant communication with the battery and only reacts and charges when it is needed.

The battery can naturally self-discharge to some point in the Pulse Maintenance Mode before it is fully recharged. This type of battery charging not only avoids the risk of overcharging, but also extends the life of the battery because it behaves as it would in normal operation.

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