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Venus Flytrap Oil

The extract from the prostate cancer forum by KISP and BPS

On February 8, 2002, Barbara casually mentioned the use of oil obtained from the Venus flytrap. Thereupon Ralf wrote on 9.2.2002:
I read about Venus Fly Oil for the first time, I can't remember that we had the subject before. I immediately searched Google and came across the following remarkable statement at http://www.krebsgesellschaft-nrw.de/alternat.htm:
"The pressed juice from the carnivorous plant Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) is said to inhibit cell division and strengthen the immune system in a variety of ways. The German country doctor Keller claimed that he could use it to successfully treat all kinds of malignant diseases, but he was unable to present any evaluable publications.
Closer examination revealed very strong, life-threatening side effects (allergic reactions up to anaphylactic shock). The approval for this drug, which was prematurely marketed under the pressure of the mass media, was subsequently canceled by the Federal Health Office. "
That's not exactly encouraging, in any case I won't start with it.
Barbara wrote back the same day:
Your research on the Venus flytrap sounds pretty gruesome, so I have to put my anger that Hansjörg silently removed from his program (silently to avoid a dispute). The bottle for 3 weeks costs 240 DM. Prescribed in the Paracelsus Clinic Hanover, also only available in the local "house pharmacy".
On February 11, 2002, Barbara wrote more on this topic:
The following information was sent to me by a forum reader who does not want to appear "with these things". Nevertheless, I pass it on here, with all reservations; I know the name and address of the information provider. On the one hand we don't want to chase after every miracle healer, on the other hand we know that outsiders who can make a difference are actually misunderstood!

"In the Cancer Research Institute in Heidelberg 16 cases of healings through (... with Venus flytrap) are exhibited, but are, as he says, dismissed by the cancer mafia as so-called spontaneous healings.

Carnivora: The way of a medicinal plant and its discoverer
Background: In the late 1970s, a Dr. Helmut Keller shows a carnivorous plant from the USA on his flower border by the window, which is known in this country under the name "Venus flytrap". According to Linnaeus, this plant bears the Latin name Carnivora, which was later adopted for the name of the preparation ["Carnivora" means "the carnivorous" and, as far as I know, is an indefinite collective term; the botanical name for the Venus flytrap is on the other hand Dionaea muscipula. - Ed].
From one of those fateful coincidences, Dr. Keller thought whether the carnivorous property could be used selectively against cancerous tumors. He started numerous experiments, as a result of which a pressed juice crystallized, which is given by infusion. In addition, Dr. Keller still drops for oral ingestion. Basically, his production process can also be done with other carnivorous plants such as sundew, he says. But the cultivability of the Venus flytrap is unbeatable. It also proved to be the most suitable for therapeutic purposes. The background thought at that time was the influence of neoproteins, their destruction and a selectively correct reorganization of protein synthesis. In addition, there was the requirement at the beginning: As a natural remedy, little or no side effects. Not least in order to be able to meet the resistance of the institutions.
Although a lot is accepted here with conventional chemotherapy, including loss of appetite and hair loss, every newcomer is checked very carefully for the effectiveness and freedom from side effects of his substance. In other words: you measure with two different standards. In particular, the freedom from side effects should later ensure that Dr. Keller got serious trouble with the Federal Health Office due to some batches that had not been bottled oxygen-free, developed toxins and thus led to a fever. I myself [d. H. the author known by name to Barbara, anonymous to the rest of us readers - Ed]looked at the production facility in Jagsthausen at the time. The production manager, a pharmacist, had a little book from the DKFZ on his desk [German Cancer Research Center - Ed]lying, which condemned all new outsider methods in a ball and roll. The same man was later responsible for ensuring that the plants were not further processed under nitrogen gas as required.
Such a man, such a book, and such a new thing, none of this seemed to rhyme, and I informed Dr. Keller, who at the time still took my message lightly. It seemed to me that the pharmaceutical industry had launched one of its own at this exposed point in order to undermine the project. Dr. Keller seems to be an open, fair man who doesn't count on the cunning and deceit of others. With this uncritical attitude in a billion dollar business, he was almost driven into economic ruin. Carnivora had previously been approved and anyone could get it from any pharmacy. However, following the aforementioned incidents, the license was withdrawn. If you want to be treated with Carnivora today, the best thing to do is to go to Dr. Basement in Bad Steben. Today Dr. Keller in Mexico and has a clinic there.
Summary: A remedy can be obtained from the pressed juice of carnivorous plants that selectively destroys malignant cells. After some initial confusion, it is a question of time and not least linked to the economic fate of the inventor before Carnivora or a possible successor prevails. Apparently they are looking to the time until the patent rights to Carnivora have expired and then take the whole thing into conventional hands. "

On November 9th, 2003 the editor received the following mail from Hans-Joachim:
I have leukemia, CLL [chronic lymphocytic leukemia - Ed]; and I treat myself with Carnivora, vitamins and trace elements as well as with the phytopharmaceutical Ntense-2 (from the rainforest). I have had the same blood counts for two years, and it seems that in just as long the white blood count will also normalize. I hold Dr. Keller for an honest doctor (unfortunately I don't know him personally). I believe that an important resource is being withheld from the patient for flimsy reasons.