What do you learn as a parent

The influence of parents in choosing a career

As parents, you slip into different roles during your child's career choice: motivator, comforter, companion, coach and confidante. Regardless of the role, it is important that the needs of your child are in the foreground. Bear in mind that your children can be very insecure during this phase. The flood of information available on the subject of career choices can be overwhelming. And with over 300 possible apprenticeships, it is not easy to keep track of things.

As part of our vocational training study, young people looking for an apprenticeship were asked how much support they would expect from certain people or sources of information in choosing a career. The results show that parents are seen as the main support in this crucial process. They are often one or even the most important source of information for career guidance. Only eight percent of young people find their parents “not at all” or “hardly” helpful in this orientation phase.

The role that parents or other relatives play in choosing a career is therefore absolutely crucial. As a parent, you know your child and can therefore advise them the best. Also thanks to role models from the close environment, an interest in a certain professional field often concretizes. Discussions and pointing out possible training paths give courage. Knowing that your child knows you are at their side to support them increases their self-confidence.

If your child is still completely undecided, we recommend our page «The world of jobs». With the parent profile of gateway.one you also support your child on the way to the apprenticeship and are always informed about what is happening. You can link your profile to that of your child and view it - if your child also wishes.

If your child would like to find out which job suits them, then the WayFi is also an option® Career choice analysis makes sense. The analysis inquires about the interests and strengths of the young people and uses the information to create a scientifically sound, individual professional profile.

We wish you and your child a lot of energy for the intensive but also exciting phase of choosing a career.

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