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Gynecological endocrinology and fertility disorders


Dear patients,

Fortunately, the effects of the corona virus pandemic on our clinical processes are currently barely noticeable.

In all areas, in our outpatient clinics, such as the fertility clinic, the hormone clinic, the outpatient clinic for women with a tendency to abort, the surgical consultation, our endometriosis center and the private consultation, we can look after you again without restriction. This also applies to all operational interventions that we have been carrying out fully and according to plan since the beginning of February. This particularly applies to our IVF program and all other artificial insemination measures

This is only possible due to clear regulations for protection against new infections, which everyone observes very carefully. The clinic has given clear guidelines for your and all of us safety. These include, for example, a mask requirement, distance rules, visiting bans and admission controls. Accompanying persons are limited to conversations with couples at the first presentation, appointments at which both partners are registered as patients, interpreters and the accompaniment of minors. Accompanying persons during stimulation controls, ultrasound examinations, follow-up discussions or exclusive explanations of the operation are currently still not permitted.

CURRENTLY, our patients are asking themselves about a vaccination, especially if they want to have children. There are clear statements on this from specialist societies and professional associations, even if the data situation with regard to studies is of course still insufficient.

After a corona vaccination, no waiting time is currently recommended until you want to have children. If pregnancy occurs between the first and second vaccination, the second vaccination can also be given during pregnancy. Vaccination is generally not recommended for pregnant women. If there is an increased risk for the pregnant woman, the vaccination can also be completed during pregnancy after consultation.

In the current situation in particular, we offer appointments as video or telephone consultations whenever possible. This system has proven itself very well and we will certainly keep the offer of video and telephone consultation hours even after Corona.

You can make all appointments as usual at

Please also note our CORONA INFORMATION PAGE.

Stay healthy and let's hope we all get better in the New Year 2021!

Yours, Thomas Strowitzki and all employees of the department

(As of February 26, 2021)