What is Scarp's bug

fault scarp fault cliff kern but English German translation

Fracture stage f (morphological)
fault scarp; fault cliff; kern but
own fault
actual fault
find a bug
find a fault
Fault, fault
gross negligence
big rot
Main flaw
principal fault
Construction flaw
fault in construction
slight negligence
slight fault
through no fault of their own
without one's fault
hidden flaw, defect
hidden fault
Adjustment error m
alignment fault
Service error msport
fault, service fault
(steep) slope f, slope m
Character flaw m
Character flaw pl
fault in character, character defect
faults in character
Defect m, lack m, damage m, maladministration m
Defects pl, defects pl, damage pl, grievances pl
apparent defect
physical defect, physical damage
mental defect, mental damage
mechnical defect
defect, fault
apparent defect
physical defect
mental defect
mechanical defect
Double fault m
Double fault pl
double fault
double faults
Interference suppression f
fault clearing
Ground fault melectr.
earth fault, earth leakage, ground fault
Eskarpe f
Eskarpen pl
Error m
Error pl
make a mistake
Make mistake after mistake
indicate an error
correct a mistake
riddled with mistakes
absolute mistake
additive error
active error
recoverable bug
dangerous bug
unrecoverable error
absolute error math.
passive failure
relative error math.
linguistic error
systematic error
harmless bug
temporary failure
random error
mistake, error, fault
mistakes, errors, faults
to make a mistake
to make mistake after mistake
to point out a mistake
to fix (up) an error
peppered with mistakes
absolute error
accumulated error
active fault
correctable error
dangerous fault
unrecoverable error
absolute error
passive fault
relative error
language mistake
systematic error
harmless fault
transient error
random error
Error m (deficiency)
Error pl
be flawed
fault, defect, flaw
faults, defects, flaws
to contain defects
Error diagnosis f
fault diagnostic
Error influence analysis f
fault effect analysis
Error isolation f, error analysis f
fault isolation
Error case m
Error cases pl
Failure mode analysis f
fault probability analysis
FI circuit breaker melectr.
ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI)
Group fault indicator mtechn.
aggregate failure indicator, group fault indicator
Main flaw m
Major mistake pl
principal fault
principal faults
Cave dweller m
cliff dweller
Cardinal error m
Cardinal error pl
cardinal error, cardinal fault
cardinal errors, cardinal faults
Cliff n, ledge m
Cliff f
Cliffs pl
vertically sloping cliffs
vertical cliffs
Construction error m
constructional fault, faulty design, constructional flaw
Chalk cliffs m
Chalk cliffs pl
chalk cliff, chalk formation
chalk cliffs, chalk formations
Krittler m, Krittlerin f
Reading error m
Reading error pl
read fault error
read fault errors
Lack of airflow m
fault for air stream
Mäkelei f
fault-finding, censoriousness, carping, finickiness
Broker m
fault-finder, carper
Material defect m
Material defects pl
material defect, fault in the material
faults in the material
Pixel error class fcomp.
pixel fault class
Collective fault message f
centralized alarm, general fault signal
Write error mcomp.
write error, write fault error
not through my fault
from no fault of my own
Fault message f
Fault messages pl
failure signal, failure notice, failure report, fault report, fault message
failure signals, failure notices, failure reports, fault reports, fault messages
Fault f, defect mtechn.
Faults pl, defects pl
Fault isolation f
fault tracking-down procedure
Fault n
own fault, own fault
my own fault
mutual negligence
through no fault of my own
own fault
my own fault
mutual fault
through no fault of my own
Rejection fgeol.
Fault line fgeol.
fault line
abbeschen vconstr.
sloping down
to scarp
breathtaking, tense adj
nail-biting, cliff-hanging
to suspect sth., to find a mistake (to)
to sb. to suspect sth
to object to sth
What do you have to complain about?
There's nothing wrong with that.
to fault, to find fault (with)
to find fault with sb.
to find fault with sth.
What don't you like about it ?, What's wrong with it?
There is nothing wrong with it.
error-prone adj
fault-prone, prone to error, error-prone
fault-tolerant adj
generous, generous, generous, generous adj
more generous, more revealing
most generous, most revealing
overly generous
more generous
most generous
generous to a fault
complain v, criticize, complain v
complaining, criticizing, complaining
complained, criticized, criticized
to find fault with, to criticize, to criticize Br.
finding fault with, criticizing, criticizing
found fault with, criticized, criticized
hidden adj
more hidden, more hidden
most hidden, most hidden
hidden shortage
more hidden
most hidden
hidden fault, hidden flaw
to warp, to cause warping
to fault
It shouldn't be up to me if things go wrong.
It won't be my fault if things go wrong.
Your (own) mistake!
That's your (own) fault!
It is your own fault.
It's all your own fault.
It's his fault.
It's his fault.
It is clearly his fault.
It was clearly his fault.
It is clearly his fault.
There's no doubt that it was his fault.
It's my fault.
It's my fault.
I am not to blame if ...
It won't be my fault if ...
I have nothing wrong with it.
I can't fault it.
I can't help it.
That's not my fault.
San Andreas ditch m, San Andreas column f, San Andreas fault fgeogr.
San Andreas Fault, San Andreas Rift
Read error when accessing a peripheral device mcomp.
device read fault
Write error when accessing peripheral device comp.
device write fault
Swallow tyrant mornith.
Cliff Flycatcher
Brown-headed swallow fornith.
Indian Cliff Swallow
Red Tern fornith.
Red Sea Cliff Swallow
Red-swallowed Tern fornith.
Preuss'Cliff Swallow
Pale-fronted swallow fornith.
American Cliff Swallow
European red-throat fornith.
Red-throated Cliff Swallow
Cliff Tern fornith.
South African Cliff Swallow
active error
active fault
cliff bank
cliff hanger
cliff hangers
cliff bank
Cave dwellers
cliff dweller
dangerous mistake
dangerous fault
Read error when accessing a peripheral device
device read fault
Write error when accessing peripheral devices
device write fault
Double fault
double fault
prone to error
Failure, defect
fault clearance
Fault service
fault clearing
Character flaw
fault in character
Material defect
fault in the material
Failure analysis
fault isolation
fault recovery
Incident tracking
fault tracing
to criticize
find fault
harmless error
harmless fault
It's my fault
it's my fault.
Fault type
kind of fault
Fault type
nature of fault
passive failure
passive fault
Reading error
read fault error
have something to complain about in someone
to find fault with someone
Spelling mistake
write fault error
due to an error on our part
through a fault of ours
Alpenwimperfarn m (Woodsia alpina) bot.
Alpine cliff fern; flower-cup fern; Northern cliff fern
Serving error m (tennis; table tennis; badminton etc.) sport
Service error pl
two service errors in a row
service fault; fault (tennis table tennis badminton etc.)
service faults; faults
double fault
Failure m; Failure n; Failure mugs .; Glitch f; Defect mtechn.
Failures pl; Failure pl; Failure pl; Breakdowns pl; Defects pl
Failure without serious consequences
failure; rot; breakdown
failures; faults; breakdowns
graceful failure
Sheet displacement f; Horizontal displacement f; Transverse displacement geol.
Blattverschiebungen pl; Horizontal displacements pl; Transverse shift
transform fault; strike-slip fault
transform faults; strike-slip faults
(steep) slope f; Slope m
Fraction mgeol.
flaky break
plane break
fibrous break
fresh break
shell-like break
acicular break
uneven break
revived rupture
fracture; rupture; failure; case; rot; disturbance
lamellar fracture
even fracture
fibrous fracture
fresh cleavage
conchoidal fracture; flinty fracture; shell-like fracture
acicular fracture
uneven fracture
recurrent faulting; revived faulting
Bruchschollengebirge ngeol.
Bruchschollengebirge pl
fault block mountain range
fault block mountain ranges
Fracture zone fgeol.
Fracture zones pl
rupture zone; fault zone; ruptured zone; caving zone; fracture zone; crushing zone; fault belt; rift zone
rupture zones; fault zones; ruptured zones; caving zones; fracture zones; crushing zones; fault belts; rift zones
Character flaw m
Character flaw pl
fault in character; character defect
faults in character
Defect m; Lack m
Defects pl; Defects pl
apparent defect
mental defect; mental damage
physical defect; physical harm
small mistake; minor error
mechnical defect
be flawed
defect; rot; flaw
defects; faults; flaws
apparent defect
mental defect
physical defect
minor defect
mechanical defect
to contain defects
Fault clearance period f; Fault clearance period f; Fault clearance time f; Fault clearance time ftechn.adm.
fault clearance time
Earth fault m; Short to ground m; Earth fault m (unwanted earth contact) electr.
compensating earth fault
single pole earth fault
earth leakage Br .; ground leakage Am .; earth fault Br .; ground fault Am .; accidental earth Br. ground Am .; short to frame earth Br. ground Am.
earth counterpoise Br .; ground counterpoise Am.
single-line-to-earth fault
Express interference suppression f
express fault repair
Error m (in a system); technical malfunction f; Malfunction fcomp.techn.
Error pl; technical malfunctions pl; Malfunctions pl
passive error electr.
an error in the alarm system
Despite its flaws, the system is the best currently available.
fault (in a system)
passive fault
a fault in the alarm system
The system for all its faults is the best available at the moment.
Error m (on a product workpiece)
Error pl
Packaging error m
Web error mtextil.
Slag (as a result of poor cross-over during welding) techn.
faulty faulty clothing
This car model has a design flaw.
Despite its flaws, it's still the best smartphone out there.
The sweater had a flaw and I had to bring it back.
If the film has a flaw it is that it is too long.
fault (in a product workpiece)
fault in packing; faulty packing
rot in weaving
fault (from bad chipping in welding)
clothes with faults
This car model has a design fault.
For all its faults it is still the best smartphone on the market.
The jumper had a fault in it and I had to take it back.
If the film has a fault it's that it's too long.
Mistake m (bad character trait bad habit of a person) soc.
He has his flaws but all in all he's very nice.
She may have many flaws, but dishonesty is not one of them.
The mistake the enthusiastic teacher likes to make is to intervene too soon.
fault (bad character feature misguided habit of a person)
He has his faults but on the whole he is very nice.
She may have many faults but dishonesty isn't one of them.
The fault of the keen teacher is to start to intervene too early.
Error m in image geometry; Geometry error m; geometric distortion f (TV)
picture geometry fault; geometric distortion (TV)
Fault tree m
Fault trees pl
fault tree
fault trees
Error isolation f; Failure analysis f
fault isolation
Error detection f; Malfunction detection f
Error detection and correction
fault detection; error detection
error detection and correction
Fault location device ntechn.
fault locating equipment
Fault location loop ftechn.
fault locating loop
Fault location procedure ntechn.
fault locating mode
Fault location signal n
Fault location signals pl
fault locating signal
fault locating signals
Fault memory m
Fault memory pl
Event error memory m
fault recorder; error memory
fault recorders; error memories
event and fault recorder
Troubleshooting f
error search; fault-finding Br .; trouble-shooting troubleshooting Am .; service diagnosis
Rock wall f
Rock walls pl
divided wall
rock face; rock wall; cliff
rock faces; rock walls; cliffs
oversteepened wall
FI circuit breaker melectr.
ground fault circuit interrupter GFCI
Rock warping f
Rock faults pl
rock fault
rock faults
Dig mgeol.
Ditch pl
furrow; gre (a) ve; channel; trench fault; trench
furrows; gre (a) ves; channels; trench faults; trenches
Group fault indicator mtechn.
aggregate failure indicator; group fault indicator
Hochscholle f; Horst mgeol.
horst; fault block; fault scarp; heaved block; uplift of strata
Cave dweller m
Cave dwellers pl
cave dweller; cliff dweller
cave dwellers; cliff dwellers
Cardinal error m
Cardinal error pl
cardinal error; cardinal fault
cardinal errors; cardinal faults
Cliff n; Ledge m
Cliffs pl; Rocky outcrops pl
upscale cliff
small cliff
submerged cliff
elevated shore cliff
plunging cliff
Cliff f; Rock face n
Cliffs pl
vertically sloping cliffs
vertical cliffs
Cliff dwellings plhist.
cliff dwellings
Construction error m
Construction flaws pl
constructional fault; design fault; structural defect; faulty design; constructional flaw
constructional faults; design faults; structural defects; faulty designs; constructional flaws