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Would you like to get to know Pangea behind the scenes? Then get involved - whether before, during or after the festival, we look forward to every helping hand!

You can work out your festival ticket or just earn a little change. Simply tick one of the two options on the job form.

Click here for the job form!

This is what awaits you:

Before the festival:

You help build our Pangea world. A few weeks before the gates are opened, many artists, colleges, craftsmen and helpers are working on the buildings, the decorations and the stages. Every minute is needed here because everything is ready on Pangea Thursday! It would of course be ideal if you have some kind of manual skills and can use a drill or cordless screwdriver. If that's not the case, no problem either. Grab a bucket of paint and a brush and help with the decoration!

During the festival:

From Thursday to Sunday there is a lot of activity on Pangea. Sports, workshops, music - everything is set up, but now the program also needs people to implement it: Become a workshop provider, look after the locations, serve drinks at the bars, mend little things at short notice or simply collect rubbish.

After the festival:

After Pangea is before Pangea - that means everything that has been set up over weeks must also be dismantled and carefully stowed away. We need your support all the more!

All that matters: Crew Love is true Love!

We look forward to having you on our team!

Never stop playing!